Living outside the US doesn’t have to limit your access to the wide range of products in the US market. Having a US address will enable you to purchase various products online and ship them there before getting them shipped to your country’s location. The good thing is that many sites like can give you your own free US address. All you need to do is purchase your goods at the address, and they will take care of the rest at affordable prices. 

Once you have a valid US address, your online shopping experience will be not only easy but also fun and limitless. You’ll enjoy nearly all the online shopping benefits an American citizen enjoys from the comfort of your home, whichever country you are located. While there are many packages and mail forwarding services to choose from, not all will offer you the quality of services you expect. It’s always advisable to conduct a background check on their services before engaging them for your online shopping and mailing needs. 

5 Reputable US Mailing Address Providers

To make your selection process easy, this article will provide you with a list of seven reliable companies to choose from based on their features and positive online reviews from international shoppers. 


Many Canadians have always had a knack for various American products and enjoy shopping online and physically. is just the place to be if you’re a Canadian who would like to take advantage of the online shopping experience with your favourite US stores. To get started, visit their website and sign up to get your free physical US address to which you can direct all your online purchases. You can later pick them up or have them shipped to your Canadian address through their ‘Push It North’ service at an affordable flat rate of $29.00 and a $9.95 charge for shipping & handling. 

One great thing about them is the 365-day free storage offer you rarely find with other parcel and mail forwarding companies. They also have a state-of-the-art order tracking and notification system that lets you get updates at every level as soon as your products are in their warehouse. 

#2: Ship7

Ship7 is a reputable package forwarding provider with US and UK shipping addresses. This means you can buy from US and UK stores with free shipping for items worth $100 and below. They have 60-day free storage and accept multiple payment options. Other than being safe and secure, the company is an excellent option for many shoppers across the globe as they ship to over 120 countries. Some of the carriers used by Ship7 include DHL, FedEx, Aramex, USPS, and Ship7 Economy. 

#3: NyBox

NyBox is a package and mail forwarding company with a virtual shipping address in New York. International shoppers can buy their goods online at various US stores and direct them to their warehouse, where they are reshipped to their country. However, you’ll need to confirm if they ship to your country by attempting to sign up with them, where you’ll be prompted if your country is eligible. They have a real-time update system once your package gets to your mailbox, along with a photo of your shipment. Their free storage services run for 30 days. 

#4: MyUS

MyUS is a packaging company providing multiple shipping options for international shoppers interested in US goods. It has been around for a long time and is arguably one of the oldest package forwarding companies in the US. The company has both free and paid membership options. MyUS accepts various payment options and serves most countries. However, their mail forwarding is only limited to paid premium membership. DHL, Aramex, USP and Economy Mail are their preferred shipping carriers worldwide. 

#5: Borderlinx 

Borderlinx is a popular package forwarding company offering mailing addresses for the US, UK, China, and Germany. This means that you can shop within the four countries and deliver your products to your country. However, you should confirm if your country is included as their services are limited to only 60 countries. Your parcel is held free of charge for 30 days after arrival at their warehouse, and they provide free repackaging and consolidation services for multiple packages. They accept multiple payment options, including Paypal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and CashU. 

#7: Opas

Opas provides their international customer’s shipping addresses for the US and Japan, with their Japan address in Osaka while the US address is in Oregon. Although their rates are a bit on the higher side compared to many package forwarding companies, they boast overly good ratings. Their services include mail forwarding and membership can be paid or free. They accept all credit cards, including PayPal and give their customers a $100 discount on their first shipment.