Windproof pedestals are a great way to ensure that your garden furniture, shed, and other items stay safely in place during the windy months. They work by attaching to the bottom of your items and forming a solid structure that will keep them still even in strong winds. You can purchase them at most stores if you want to try making them, or it’s also possible to hire them if you’re only using them for a short period.


Support devices such as windproof pedestals hold a mobile phone or tablet in place when there is no direct fix. In other words, it’s designed to hold your phone or tablet in place when it isn’t fastened to something like a car mount or desk stand. The main purpose of these devices is to keep your device from falling due to strong winds.

This type of pedestal can also be used as alternative support for holding up certain items such as smartphones, digital cameras and tablets. These pedestals are available in various shapes and sizes, so finding the right one for your needs shouldn’t be too difficult.


These pedestals are necessary to prevent wind from blowing over a building or structure. They are also used to avoid damage from high winds, and they’re a good option for areas with no direct persistence, such as balconies and roof terraces.

These pedestals can be installed on flat surfaces to protect the building from all sides. If you have a balcony, one of your first concerns will be how strong your railing is—but if you install these pedestals underneath it, then even in high gusts, the structure will remain intact and safe for use by residents of the property surrounding it.


These pedestals are made of steel, which gives them their name. They’re used to support the weight of a structure without any movement or swaying. They can also be used as a footing for other things like signs, flags, billboards and more.


These pedestals are used anywhere without a direct fix, such as on balconies and roofs. They can also be used on the decks of ships; in fact, they’re often used in conjunction with other products, such as weatherproof battens and corner posts.

These pedestals are perfect for use outside because they have a wide range of different heights and styles. You can find them at all stores selling other outdoor tools!

These pedestals are commonly used in areas with no direct fixity, such as balconies and roof terraces.

These pedestals are commonly used in areas with no direct fixity, such as balconies and roof terraces. In the case of balconies, support applications like windproof pedestals will be placed on the floor and not mounted directly to a wall. The same goes for a roof terrace; however, it will be placed on top of an existing wall rather than directly into it.

These pedestals have been designed to withstand heavy winds and other weather conditions without breaking or falling over.


These pedestals are a great addition to any outdoor area with no direct fixity. They help keep your furniture stable in even the strongest winds, which means you can enjoy your outdoor space even when there’s an unexpected storm!