Gambling has been around since time immemorial. Archaeologists know the finds of prototypes of dice created a few thousand years before our era. It is believed that originally these items were used for divination and magic rituals, and only later became an attribute of gambling.

History of casinos

Already in antiquity, a whole mass culture of gambling was formed. So, in Ancient Rome in the 6 century BC, the so-called Circus was created—a public place where visitors were offered to play dice and bet for money.

In 1765, the fashion for casinos reached neighboring Italy in France. So the first casino opened in that country as well, of course, in its capital, Paris. This was possible thanks to Cardinal Mazarin, who with the help of gambling taxes expected to replenish the state treasury. A novelty, not seen before in this casino, was the roulette game, which quickly gained popularity with many players.

In the early 18th century, the first casinos opened in other European countries, in this case gained fame as a place of compulsory pastime of any more or less wealthy people. The popularity of casinos contributed to the fact that a sufficiently large number of players who liked to gather in such institutions, the prize money was quite good, which attracted players. Fashion for the casino, and Russia, although the most prestigious of the wealthy subjects of the Russian Empire, was still considered playing in European casinos.

The heyday of European casinos came in the 19th century. Their interiors became more and more luxurious, the service rose to unprecedented levels of comfort and safety. Every self-respecting person had to appear in the casino, which also turned into a place of communication of old friends and discussion of urgent political issues. Separate rooms were built for players who preferred particularly high stakes. Despite the public enthusiasm for casinos among prosperous citizens, by the end of the 19th century most casinos in Europe, due to amendments to gambling laws, were forced to close. The only flagship that remained afloat was Monte Carlo, which had no restrictions on gambling.

Today in Las Vegas you can find entertainment for all tastes, and not all of it is gambling-related. You can regularly see pop-stars performing, sporting events, and visit world-class shopping malls and restaurants. In recent years, world-class casinos have sprung up in Asia. According to statistics, Macau is already able to compete with Las Vegas in terms of income and tourist flows.

History of casinos has come a long way from the primitive gambling entertainment to architectural masterpieces with unsurpassed service and timelessness—internet casinos. Online casino Fairspin the best to play.