September 19 to October 23, 2022
A speedy, basic cash procuring program for Young lady Scout troops and Juliettes. Members sell nuts, treats, and magazines to their loved ones. By and large, troops procure $130 which supports supplies and exercises to start off their Young lady Scout year.

It’s not difficult to take an interest! Young lady Scouts pick how to take part face to face with paper request cards or with web based requesting – both element young lady conveyance, computerized deals just, or a blend of the relative multitude of choices. M2, the web based requesting stage, makes exploring, following and overseeing orders straightforward for troops.

Troops procure 15% of each and every dollar sold (troops who quit rewards acquire 20%), and Young lady Scouts acquire energizing acknowledgments. Kindly note that troops should take part in both the GSEMA Fall Item and Treat Projects to get endorsement for extra cash acquiring exercises during the troop year. For more data, see the Cash Acquiring Nuts and bolts segment of Volunteer Basics.

Young lady Scouts foster five fundamental business abilities: objective setting, direction, cash the executives, relationship building abilities, and relationship building abilities throughout the Fall Item Program.

We offer 16 superior grade, tasty nuts and confections (with extra internet based special features) and a wide choice of magazines (computerized and print). Items make incredible occasion/appreciation/have gifts! Dive deeper into the program!