With only 24 hours in a day, people are always looking for ways to be more productive.  The aim is to save time on work related matters to free up spare time.  There are so many digital aids available now that people can find apps to speed up their work rates and complete work ahead of deadlines.  These apps also offer the freedom of working from any location which means people are not confined to an office.  Also, people can have flexibility in when they work, so are not dictated by set hours each day.  Below are 6 apps which are must haves in terms of speeding up completing times.

Time Saver Number 1: Basecamp

This project management app allows you to set up and manage projects from a central location.  Take advantage of the 30-day free trial and try out the features such as to-do-lists and events.  

This really is value for money once the free trial is up. The fee is $99 per month but it is worth it.  

This app helps you stay in control and to keep the project moving quickly, even if you are not physically on site.  Linking with people in different time zones is possible with this app which increases the scope for employment and world wide connections.

Time Saver Number 2: Evomail

Described as a beautiful app, it is easy to use and easy to access folders and messages.  There is a demo to watch to show you where to swipe and where to shake.  The whole app is based around the movements of swiping and shaking so there is less clicking on options.  The compose button is also readily available which adds to its user-friendly set up.

Time Saver Number 3: Sunrise

A great app for iPhone users who access their Google Calendar.  This app pulls together your events and provides information regarding the weather.  For meetings, Sunrise provides maps and social media links to keep you up to speed with the host of the meeting.  There is even a time zone adapter so you can join meetings at the correct time.  

Time Saver Number 4: Brain.FM

A brilliant app to keep you focused.  You can have all the best apps in the world but if you are not focused then there is no point.  By playing music, the app helps maintain focus.  It is also great for meditation, sleep, and relaxation.  A clearer mind is a productive mind. 

Time Saver Number 5: MindMeister

A great tool for mapping out ideas and thoughts linked to business.  Great for a visual orientated person who needs to see the whole picture.  Mind mapping has been done for years and this app takes it to the next level.

Be warned, you only get three, free mind maps before you are asked for a subscription.

This app makes researching a new topic or niche much more visual and also much more succinct.  Gone are the lengthy paragraphs and copious notes.  Some users even have this app open during board meetings as a way of recording minutes.

Time Saver Number 6: Trello

A is a project management tool which brings post it notes into a digital format.  It works by creating a virtual whiteboard and adding ideas, to-do lists and projects in much the same way as physically writing on post it notes.  There is also the option within Trello of combining projects from different whiteboards.  A clever function of this app is to assign the post its to different people or stages of a project.  This helps to track progress and also makes it clear who is doing what and at what stage they are working at.  Trello has a free to use option and a paid, monthly subscription which opens more features. 

Working smarter, not harder is the key to success and the apps mentioned here are great tools to help you achieve this. Using them on a regular basis will increase your productivity and help to complete projects in a more timely manner.  

Sara Sparrow is a technical writer and a project coordinator at Academic writing services and Essay services.