After the loss in the derby against Fluminense in the Brasileirão Serie A, Flamengo is as of now getting ready and pondering the following rounds of the time.

Mentor Dorival Júnior has days just to adapt. When does Flamengo play? Look at!

Flamengo play today? Who plays with Flamengo today? When is Flamengo’s next game?
Flamengo ‘s next gameis not against Corinthians in the Copa do Brasil nor against Athletico-PR in the last of Libertadores 2022 .

2022 CUP OF BRAZIL Last TICKETS: See where to observe live and costs for Flamengo versus Corinthians
What day is the 2022 Libertadores last? See date, scene and ticket costs for Flamengo x Athletico-PR

Flamengo enters the field on September 28 against Fortaleza, at Field Castelão, at 19:00 (Brasília time), for the 28th round of the Brasileirão Serie A.

When will the 2022 Libertadores last be?
The last of Libertadores 2022 , among Flamengo and Athletico-PR , will be on October 21, at City de Guayaquil, in Ecuador.

The time has not yet been affirmed by CONMEBOL. The choice passes solely on SBT, on open television, for all of Brazil.

Libertadores Grants 2022
The 2022 Libertadores champion gets 16 million bucks (R$ 86.2 million). The award is greater than the last releases.

Bunch stage: US$ 3 million (R$ 16.1 million)
Round of 16: US$ 1.05 million (R$ 5.6 million)
Quarterfinals: US$ 1.5 million (R$ 8 million)
Elimination round: US$ 2 million (R$ 10.7 million)
Second place: US$ 6 million (R$ 32.3 million)
Champion: US$ 16 million (R$ 86.2 million)

When will the last of the Copa do Brasil 2022 be?
The CBF draws this Tuesday (20), at 11 am (Brasilia time), the field heads of the 2022 Copa do Brasil last . Corinthians and Flamengo play on October twelfth and nineteenth.

How much is the award pool for the Copa do Brasil?
See the upsides of all the 2022 Copa do Brasil grants. Flamengo has proactively gotten something like R$25 million for arriving at the finish of the opposition.

First stage: BRL 620 thousand (bunch 03), BRL 1.09 million (bunch 02) and BRL 1.27 million (bunch 01)
Second stage: BRL 750 thousand (bunch 03), BRL 1.19 million (bunch 02) and BRL 1.5 million (bunch 01)
Third stage: BRL 1.9 million
Round of 16: BRL 3 million
Quarterfinals: BRL 3.9 million
Elimination rounds: BRL 8 million
Second place: BRL 25 million
Champion: BRL 60 million