The Ezlogz company isn’t especially large, but this didn’t hinder it to develop a unique high-tech solution. A lot of positive feedback from drivers and fleet managers make you pay attention to the solution.

The Washington-based company is quite moderate in size. Nevertheless, its software and hardware solutions are popular. They are easy to install and use, so dispatchers and drivers believe it to be a beneficial device.

The EZ-Smart product is affordable, but the list includes premium functions. The basic solution will cost car owners $29.99-$49.99 per month. However, the price isn’t fixed and should the need arise, you can order additional services that aren’t included in the basic cost.

Ezlogz Ez-Smart ELD is BYOD equipment connected to an OBD or a diagnostic port. Connecting it to a phone (tablet) makes it possible to transmit data to a cloud storage by installing a SIM card. In this case, the device transmits the information about:

  • current location of the truck;
  • HOS control;
  • dashboard camera status;
  • engine data;
  • refrigerator control;
  • passenger control;
  • pressed alarm button;
  • climate control.

The built-in navigator is available in the app, which you won’t have to exit to make up a route. A driver gets access to the arrival time, rest and fueling places, as well as the weather forecast. But these aren’t all the functions. This is not just an electronic logging device.

In fact, Ezlogz Ez-Smart ELD is a complex of functions for instant connection with a dispatcher and a logistics company. Besides, a driver gets an opportunity to communicate with his family when he can’t be present in person. The device’s key principles are safety, comfort and simple control. When the phone connection is restored, full support of the trip is available.

Advantages of the software

The product certificate and full compliance with the FMCSA requirements are among the key advantages. The app counts the working hours and promptly reminds the driver that it’s time to rest. By enabling the countdown before the break makes it possible to follow the rules and avoid violations.

Besides, the device enables:

  1. a dispatcher to get the current HOS status.
  2. The built-in map enables the device to work offline and store the data in the control center (automatic synchronization).
  3. Offline mode is available without any mobile data, and a driver can download the data by himself.
  4. The fuel tax (IFTA) calculation is performed automatically, with the function being included in the basic ones. Dispatch calculates taxes by using the GPS tracker. Mileage registration is also available as well.
  5. GPS makes it possible to see your current location and plan the arrival time.
  6. Dashboard cameras record in two directions to register road accidents and monitor the driver behavior. Information about skidding, sharp acceleration and much more is available on the video.
  7. The app allows you to monitor the current state of the car. The engine data and breakage codes are sent to the dispatcher. Synchronization with the online portal makes it possible to schedule maintenance works and send alerts.

Planning a trip implies no difficulties. The device requires to specify the departure and destination points to calculate the arrival time. The device also considers rest breaks and speed limits. The driver needs to add the truck size and the number of places to stop.

Ezlogz is used to build partner relations with clients. The new products launched are an innovation that meets the requirements. Ezlogz is the leading ELD device, since its reliability and compliance with FMCSA deserve the clients’ trust.