Evolution of sunglasses

Did you know you can actually get your pupillary distance measured yourself? Yes, that might sound bizarre but that is true, you can actually count the distance. It isusually used to ensure that the glasses fit you properly.

So you can actually try this at home, for your PD measurement just stand in front of the mirror at a one-arm distance and hold a ruler near your eyebrow. Close your left eye and from 00mm from the centre of the right pupil to the left pupil. Measure the distance between both and you have your pupillary distance measured in no time. As said they are usually measured for your perfect fit of the glasses, and it can be done for your general knowledge as well. There is no harm in measuring, just make sureto hold the ruler against your eyebrow and not any close to your eyes.

Evolution of sunglasses

Every item in this world has a tale to tell, a story to share and so do our dear own sunglasses. We might not take much seriously when it comes to fashion but the truth is that fashion accessories go through the highest pedestals of change. Long before, there could be a thing called slow fashion and the reason being that there was not much access to know what is in trend. The slow change in the fashion trends led to the slow fashion but the time has changed and all for good where the fashion doesn’t wait for any. That is the thing with current trends, with the easy access to the internet everything is right there in the open, from your favourite celebrity look to your
favourite designer, everything is right there and people get inspired and adapt to the same. But what you got hooked on today will become a story of the past tomorrow and something new will take over. There are several influencers that are on top of every fashion trend and are super busy keeping their feeds updated on social media, to make it super interesting and bring a positive change to fashion. Everything happens in a blink of an eye!

Sunglasses have been a thing for over a century now, the very first design of sunglasses ever known was that of an aviator and yes since then the sunglasses had a boom. A change from the monotony has been brought up, people have started shifting towards sunglasses as an item for sun protection to a glamorous self.

A classic film look

Sunglasses became a staple accessory for every celebrity in the 50s and 60s, you could actually see them slaying every look from the red carpet to movies in their beloved sunnies.

My favourite among them is Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s where she wears her perfect wayfarer sunnies and many call her cat-eye sunglasses. The fact being that these were extremely oversized making them look a mixture of both. Though these were the actual celebrities in the popular realm but not in the
mainstream. The fact being that they were not easily available and they were also not pocket friendly, as well as these glasses, were under a few brands which makes it quite difficult for the layperson to afford the glasses.
But the popularity is what makes it all change from people to perception so does when it comes to the glasses.

From narrow to oversized to colour pop

The sunglasses that we used to know started from being very basic in size and that soon changed and the change was all in for good. We witnessed the 70s and 80s being the era of big glasses where the sunnies were actually super oversized, just like the one with Jackie Kennedy, she was known for her oversized sunnies and how
they actually stand out in the crowd. That is exactly what these glasses were known for, by this time, the fashion started gaining pace and moving to something we call the boom, the maximalism of fashion and that is none other than the Y2K and 2000. Here we witness the colour pop, transition, and everything you could ask for, a retro style that you wish to relive as much as possible that is exactly what the sunglasses goes through. The sunglasses see vibrant colours and not just in the frames but also in the lens, it was time when a transition from black to everything happened. It was
all pink, red, yellow, green and everything in tinted sunglasses and even in colour on colour. The current Y2K trend has surpassed all its means when it comes to being in trend in the current period, this time, it is all blended with the current fashion.
And when we talk about now, here is something that is a revolution in its own sense, a revolution that has taken place in the course of its time. These are the variations in the form of sunglasses available.

Different types of sunglasses

Clip-on sunglasses– You must be waiting to don your favourite sunglasses of the season but what about vision correction? Wearing normal prescription glasses is a thing but have you ever thought of sunglasses that you can actually attach to the glasses? These sunglasses have clips on them and when you are out in the sun you
can clip them easily on the glasses and when you don’t just remove them super easily. That is why they are known as clip-on glasses.

Transition glasses- Acting as normal prescription glasses when indoors and as soon as one moves outdoors, these glasses get covered with a darker tint which gives the exact same thing as that of sunglasses. With the effect of the sunlight, the tint gets darker or lighter whichever suits the best on the condition all by itself. For your glasses and fashion related queries visit Specscart Youtube page.