Cook Province Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Cook District Government are pleased to be driving the way in the American ensured pay development. At a public scale, a program like the Commitment Pilot would carry monetary solidness and freedom to a huge number of families, numerous without precedent for their lives, and can possibly move the direction of whole networks, as proven by many direct money concentrates on that have occurred since the 1960’s.

Our Commitment Ensured Pay Pilot is only the beginning and before long, we intend to make this program super durable. We accept the outcomes will request it — similarly as they have in other money programs over the course of the last many years.

“Many years of examination shows that individuals spend cash benefits carefully, prompting more monetary security as well as worked on physical, profound and social results. However, by and large, both public and confidential establishments have been reluctant to straightforwardly put resources into low-and moderate-pay individuals without huge limitations set up. This administrative noise is set up not on the grounds that any proof shows that it is important, yet rather on the grounds that our general public has zero faith in that individuals with lower wages have the person or capacity to use sound judgment for themselves. We accept in any case. At Cook Area, we regard every one of our inhabitants regardless of the size of their ledgers.”

What is the Commitment Ensured Pay Pilot?
The Cook District Commitment Ensured Pay Pilot will give no hidden obligations $500 month to month cash installments to 3,250 Cook Province inhabitants for quite a long time.

What might the cash at any point be utilized for?
Members are allowed to spend the cash anyway they decide to address their issues, inside the limits of the law.

When could I at any point apply for the pilot?
The application will open on October sixth, 2022. A connection to the application will be made accessible on this site.

How might I keep awake to date and be advised when the application is going to open?
Pursue our email list and get refreshes about the pilot and notices when the application window is going to open.

When will the pilot’s dependable pay installments start?
We guess that installments will start in Winter 2022.

Who is qualified for the Commitment Ensured Pay Pilot?
An expected 36% of all Cook Region inhabitants are qualified to apply. You are qualified to apply if:

You are matured 18 or more seasoned;

An occupant of Cook District;

Your family pay is at or beneath 250% of the government neediness level or less; and

Neither you nor any other person in your family are getting assets from one more ensured pay pilot. This incorporates the City of Chicago’s Strong People group pilot.

Are District workers qualified to apply?
District workers and their family individuals are not permitted to apply for this help.

How might families be chosen to take part?
We guess that there will be a lot a greater number of inhabitants who apply than we can serve. Subsequent to presenting an internet based application, candidates who meet the qualification standards will be placed into a lottery. Just a single application for each family will be acknowledged.

What materials will I really want to apply?
During the application, candidates will be approached to give an email address or a cell phone number so we can reach out to application refreshes. Candidates will likewise be incited to transfer an official personal ID or selfie (an image of yourself that obviously shows your face). Sometime in the not too distant future, candidates might be approached to give archives that confirm their character, home, and family pay.

What innovation do I have to apply?
The application should be finished on a PC, tablet, or cell phone. You will require admittance to the web (or a cell phone association), have an email address, and a computerized gadget to apply. You will likewise should be capable transfer photographs and records. In the event that you don’t approach one of the gadgets recorded above, kindly reference the beneath question.

How might I find support with my application?
People who might like help with finishing the application, or need admittance to a PC, tablet, or cell phone, will actually want to access face to face and virtual help during the application window in areas across the Region. Where help is offered are shown previously.

Income’s meaning could be a little more obvious.
Your yearly family pay incorporates all cash procured before charges from any positions, cash benefits (counting Government backed retirement, inability, retirement, annuities, joblessness), and gifts. In the event that your family has no pay, you will actually want to take note of this in the application.

Might more than one individual in my family at any point apply?
Just a single delegate for each family can partake in the Commitment Ensured Pay Pilot.

Could I at any point apply without sharing my migration status?
Indeed, the pilot is available to all Cook District families paying little heed to movement status. You won’t be approached to check your citizenship or movement status in the application.

Will this effect my current public advantages or qualification?
Presenting an application won’t influence your current public advantages. Whenever chose, your family will work with the program director, GiveDirectly, to audit any possible effects on the public advantages you get. When you see any effects on your advantages, you will actually want to enlist in the event that you decide. Most open advantages won’t influenced by select.