If you’re a fan of baseball, you’re interested in the history of the World Series. Since 1919, this championship series has been contested 116 times, with some of the most dramatic moments in sports history. You’ll quit looking for the cheapest world series tickets when you learn these amazing facts about the World Series. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve learned!

 It was first played in 1919

The World Series was first played in 1919. At the time, it was a best of nine series. The World Series was created to increase popularity and revenue at the gate but was marred by the Black Sox scandal. The first World Series was decided by popular vote. In 1922, the series changed to a best of seven formats. In addition to controversy, the 1919 World Series was ruined by a gambler’s scandal.

It has been contested 116 times.

The World Series is the culmination of Major League Baseball’s season and is played every year between the American and National League champions. The winning team is awarded the World Series championship, the Fall Classic. The World Series has been played 116 times as of 2020, with the American League winning 66 games and the National League winning 51. The game is played in six different cities every year and between the best team in each league.

It has featured some of the most dramatic moments in sports history.

If you love baseball, you probably know that the World Series is the longest sporting event globally. During the 1905 World Series, the McGraw’s Giants won the series four games to one. Since then, the World Series has been played every year, except in 1994, when the players went on strike. The World Series is also known as the World’s Championship Series, but it was gradually shortened to “Worlds Series” and eventually became simply the Worlds Series.

It is held in two ballparks.

In 2019, the World Series will be held in Houston, and Washington, D.C. Minute Maid Park in Houston will host the series. The Astros’ stadium has hosted plenty of postseason action over the last two decades, while Nationals Park opened in 2008 and will host its first World Series. Both ballparks have enjoyed plenty of success for their respective franchises, but the World Series will be the first to be held in a single stadium since 1944.

It is contested cross-town.

Today, five metropolitan areas have two Major League Baseball teams each. However, five of these areas have never hosted a cross-town World Series. The only team to play in such a game was the San Francisco Giants in 2002 when the Oakland Athletics defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers. This was the first time a cross-town series had been played in the history of Major League Baseball. But with so many teams competing in the same league, this type of game is not unheard of.

It has been held in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Series is a postseason baseball tournament played each year. The game first took place in 1949 and was held annually until 1960. It was resurrected in 1970 and has been held every year since. Teams competing in the Caribbean Series are typically the winners of their respective winter leagues. The leagues featured in pre-1960 tournaments include the Puerto Rican Winter League, Venezuelan League, and Cuban Serie Nacional.

It has been played in Latin America.

In addition to being the birthplace of baseball, Latin American countries have hosted the Little League World Series since 1958. The original Latin America Region consisted of Mexico and the Caribbean and was eventually expanded to include all Latin America’s countries. Venezuela and Mexico were the first two Latin American countries to host the series, and since 2001, Venezuela and Panama have been competing as representatives from Latin America. The region includes many more countries than just the Caribbean, including Chile, Peru, and Brazil.