Whether you live in a studio apartment or a larger house, you want to make the most of the space you have and enjoy a clutter-free environment filled with all the things that are most important to you and your family. Here are a few tips on creating some valuable extra space in your home.

Declutter your life

One easy way to make more space is to have a clear out. Decide which things you want to keep and make a pile of items that can either be donated, sold or recycled. Make use of selling websites and apps to generate some extra money with your pre-loved items and search for local waste disposal companies that have access to recycling centers, so your clear out doesn’t impact the environment. In addition to creating space, there is evidence to suggest that decluttering can reduce stress, so set aside a weekend and get spring cleaning!

Make use of home storage solutions

Nowadays, there are lots of ingenious solutions for keeping your home tidy and free of clutter. From multi-use furniture that combines practicality with additional storage space, to bespoke shelving, you can add space and versatility to every room in the house. Changing a piece of furniture for one that offers storage or adding some discreet standalone storage could give you space you want. If you are on a limited budget, explore adding cheap hooks and shelving to the back of doors or buying some decorative baskets that you can use to store your belongings.

Consider an outside storage service

If you’re moving to a smaller property and want to make more space, the storage service provided by companies such as Supreme Movers NC can offer a useful way to keep some of your belongings somewhere you know they’re safe. Even if you’re not moving, if you have belongings, such as furniture and books, that you want to keep but don’t use regularly, a long-term storage service might be the solution. Search for specialist storage firms or for local or long distance movers located near to where you live and ask about their storage options. The cost will depend on the size of storage space required and how long you need to store your items.  

Rearrange your home

Finally, creating more space in your home can be as easy as changing the layout. Look at each room and see if rearranging the furniture could make a difference. This is easier if you are moving into a new home and can start with blank rooms. However, there are plenty of online tools and apps that can help you to achieve the perfect layout that optimizes your room. As well as adding more space, there is reason to believe rearranging your rooms could even have a positive mental effect.

If your home could use a revamp, it’s worth taking some time to think about the ways in which you could optimize your living space. Hopefully, this article has shown that a bit of effort and a few simple changes can make all the difference to your daily life and even to your mental wellbeing.