Time for a roll call – how many of us have gone to bed without taking our makeup off or doing our skincare? Let’s see some hands, don’t be shy. You know the drill, you have one too many drinks one night and you’re too tired to wash your face once you get home so you just plop onto your bed without a second thought. Then the next morning you wake up looking all dry and crusty so you go straight to the bathroom. Ring a bell?

And here’s the thing, it’s never too early to start a proper skincare routine. The beauty industry has conditioned us to believe that you should begin using anti-aging products when you’re in your 20s because that’s when the first sings of wrinkles and fine lines start to show. It might sound crazy but it’s honestly not too far-fetched. So without further ado, let’s jump into some Dr LeWinn’s skin care products to slow down the ageing process.

What Skin Care Products Can You Buy at Dr Lewinn’s?

When putting together a skincare routine, the main thing you should focus on is keeping things simple. Having an extensive, 12-step ritual doesn’t exactly guarantee favourable results because your skin will be overstimulated and even irritated over time.

In addition, it’s a good idea to get all of your products from the same brand. Oftentimes, mixing and matching different formulas may have adverse effects and won’t yield the results you’re looking for. With that said, it’s time to take a look at all of the products you can buy from Dr Lewinn’s skin care line.


For most people, this is the first step of the skincare routine. You apply some water onto your face, take a bit of the product into your hands in order to emulsify it and then rub it on your skin for about a minute or so. After you’re done, simply rinse and pat your face dry with a cotton towel. Remember not to rub your face with the fabric because this may cause redness or itching.

Dr LeWinn’s Ultra-Calming Restorative cleanser is a great place to start. This gel-based cleanser is super gentle and practically melts into your skin to dissolve makeup and visible signs of ageing.

Another honourabe mention is the Private Formula Sensitive Cleansing Milk, which is deeply soothing and nourishing. Its silky texture delicately removes any traces of makeup without damaging the natural skin barrier.

Regardless of which cleanser you choose, make sure it’s fragrance-free to avoid irritation. Scented cleansers don’t really do much for the skin itself, apart from causing allergies and breakouts.


The next step in a well-thought-out skin care routine is toning. It doesn’t matter which type of cleanser you’re using, the natural pH balance is disturbed when you apply the product onto your face. The whole purpose of using a toner is to restore that balance to its initial state and remove cleanser residue.

Normally, you apply a few drops of toner onto a cotton pad and then gently rub it across your face. Some toners are even available in mist form, in which case you simply spray the contents of the bottle onto your skin. Either way, the results are the same.

One product that stands out is the Line Smoothing Complex Multi-Action Toning Mist. This alcohol-free and aloe-based toner is supposed to refresh and hydrate your skin, all while minimising wrinkles and imperfections.


Exfoliating involves removing the dead skin cells on the surface of your face for a silky smooth finish. You should do this two to three times per week to encourage cell regeneration and skin health.

These products generally contain tiny grains that physically exfoliate the skin. Because of this particular structure, you shouldn’t aggressively rub it in while exfoliating since this may cause microscopic tears and damage the skin.

Dr LeWinn’s cosmetics features the Eternal Youth Skin Polishing Exfoliant, which contains activated charcoal and green tea extracts. With continuous use, its light and purifying formula results in a glowing and youthful complexion.


It’s advisable to use exfoliants in combination with masks afterwards. This allows you to hydrate and soothe the newly-formed skin cells, resulting in a dewy appearance.

The Recoverederm Australian Marine Algae Rescue Mask is one of the most effective ways to calm sensitive skin and prevent redness. It contains a rich marine algae serum, which is clinically proven to nurture the skin while promoting elasticity and shine.


For most people, this is the final step of the routine but it’s definitely one of the most important ones. Moisturising on a daily basis effectively reduces the chances of skin problems and minimises blemishes.

It’s important that you find a moisturiser that matches your skin type. If you suffer from dry or flaky skin, you should go for creams that are extra hydrating and nourishing. One such cream is Dr LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex, which has both a day and night-time formula.

On the other hand, if your skin is on the oily side and you need something to control oil production levels, you should check out the Eternal Youth Light Hydrating Day and Night Cream. It’s super light and fast-absorbing, resulting in a soft and youthful complexion after just a few weeks of use.

Eye Creams

Everyone knows that the eye area is the most sensitive part of your skin. Some people opt for using their regular moisturiser to hydrate that part of their skin but if you want the best results, you should get specialised eye creams.

Plus, wrinkles usually appear around the eyes first, which is why you need to be extra careful around this area. Dr LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Eye Recovery Complex is an absolute fan favourite in recent years, containing potent peptides that minimise the appearance of fine lines.

Hand and Body Creams

Last but not least, moisturising the rest of your body is also a vital part of any skin care routine. There are several aspects you need to look into when choosing body creams, including fragrance and ingredients list.