Currently on the market there are many attractive and attractive fish shooting games with high payout rates. Because this game has rules, the gameplay is extremely easy and simple. When participating, you will have the opportunity to receive many attractive prizes. In today’s article Don99 Online Casino Singapore, we will introduce to readers information about the hottest fish shooting game, the hottest prestigious game portal this year. Let’s find out together.

General overview of shooting fish game

Shooting fish is a game with extremely hot 3D graphic design today. This game has a specialized design, you can easily install and participate on your mobile device. Especially the game also supports on multiple operating systems including iOS, Android and PC. Players only need to connect to the internet to be able to participate in entertainment at any time.

In the fish shooting game, the main context is a marine ecosystem with 100 types of aquatic fish. Brothers and sisters like being transformed into genuine fishermen hunting for big fish.

What does Don99 have to do to attract players?

Shooting fish online to redeem Don99 is one of the games that attracts a lot of brothers today. Here are the attractions of the game that you should not miss:

Nice interface

The interface of the online shooting game Don99 is extremely beautiful. Understanding the increasing entertainment needs of gamers, our house always focuses on refreshing images and graphics. Especially when playing games at a stable speed, limiting lag or diss when hunting fish.

New and attractive features

Lots of new and attractive features are provided by Don99 into the game. Thanks to that, the game is more interesting, not boring.

How to play simple and easy

How to play Don99 free fish shooting is very simple and easy. Your task is simply to aim and shoot to kill as many fish as possible. Basically, this game will not require too much thinking, brain hacking tactics. Players only need to be clever and quick to easily conquer and bring back valuable gifts for themselves.

Diverse game modes

Join playing fish hunting Don99 has a variety of different game modes. So even if you only load from a few tens of thousands, you can comfortably play the game. When you have a lot of money to play, you can bet big with big rewards, play less money at low levels for entertainment.

Hot promotion

Especially participating in hunting and hunting fish at the house Don99 also has many attractive and regular promotions. For example: giving a newbie code, giving money to start a business … When you apply many incentives, you will have a chance to experience new and more likely to win.

High bonus rate

The high bonus rate is a big plus that attracts players to participate in the game. When the exchange rate is extremely attractive, you will have the opportunity to get rich quickly.

Quick withdrawal

Don99 game portal when making transactions will be convenient with various forms. For example: Top-up Don99 by scratch card, Top-up by SMS, Top-up via Internet banking, Top-up via e-wallet, Top-up by scanning QR code… The withdrawal process on Don99 is also quick and simple. possible.

Instructions on how to play standard online shooting fish

To help you increase your chances of winning the game, below we will guide you in detail on how to play the best game:

Laws of hunting fish online to exchange rewards

The rules of playing the game of hunting fish online are very simple. You will get bonus points when you hit the fish, in case you can’t beat the fish, you will not get points.

Bonus Points Formula = Fish Payout – Amount of Ammo used.

Bonus hunting buttons

What are fish shooting buttons? Specifically, the buttons commonly used in the game include:

-Cannon button to change gun form.

-Exit button to exit the game room.

-Setting button to customize the functions in the game.

-Full Screen button to expand the game screen.

-Shop button to buy necessary items.

-Target lock button to shoot at specific object.

-Auto-Shoot button to use automatic fire mode.

-Goal selection button to select the target that you aim for.

-Cannon Position button to adjust the direction of the aiming barrel.


Above is the information to share with readers about the extremely hot fish shooting game at our house Don99. Do not wait any longer, quickly register a game account at Don99 to unleash the experience of hunting fish and receive great rewards. Especially, our house has many attractive offers for newbies waiting for you.