EClinicalWorks EMR

Before choosing and implementing the finest Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, consideration and comparison of key variables are necessary. Go here to provide a detailed feature comparison that covers all the functionalities that eClinicalWorks EMR and DocuTAP for Urgent Care have to offer. 

DocuTAP Vs. eClinicalWorks- An overview:

DocuTAP EMR Software is an integrated electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management (PM) system for urgent care, general practice, pediatrics, and occupational health clinics. After twenty years in business, Docutap EMR combined with Practice Velocity to become a part of Experity. 

 DocuTAP is intended to enable healthcare facilities and clinics to adopt paperless workflows and increase revenue in a simple, adaptable manner. Users of the EHR/PM program can manage their patient records, insurance paperwork, and other registration data with the help of the available capabilities. 

In addition, DocuTAP EMR delivers business intelligence and analytics that give users in-depth data to aid in identifying financial and clinical patterns, enhancing clinic staffing, and identifying outliers in performance. Furthermore, it offers billing features that help them quickly collect patient payments, and customers may monitor payment and billing data using its dashboard. The automated E/M coding part of DocuTAP, which allows users to chart instances quickly and precisely, is last but not least. 

Eclinicalworks EMR makes it easier for medical professionals to do their tasks. This program is created and marketed by eclinicalworks LLC, a business that has become a market leader in developing medical software solutions. 

The EHR system includes a comprehensive collection of capabilities that deliver a highly inventive and customized solution for various contexts, including health centers, ambulatory surgery centers, primary care offices, mobile clinics, hospitals, and more than fifty other specialties. 

This platform has received great praise for its capability to put customers first and make user experience and customer satisfaction simple. In addition, its mobile device optimization for mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets further enhances its capabilities. 

What features software offer? DocuTAP Vs. EClinicalWorks:

DocuTAP EMR Features:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics 
  • Regional and National Benchmarks 
  • Reports Library 
  • Drag and Drop Report Creation 
  • Customizable Templates 
  • Dashboard 
  • Registration Management 
  • Demographic Data Management 
  • Patient Portal 
  • Revenue Cycle Management 
  • Billing 
  • Claims Processing 
  • Digital Workflow 
  • Document Storage 
  • EMR Management 
  • Automated E/M Coding 
  • Automatic Email Schedules 
  • HIPAA Compliant 

eClinicalWorks EMR Features:

  • Runs on Mac, Chrome, and Windows 
  • Integrated EHR, Population Health, and Patient Engagement 
  • Health and Wellness Tracking Data 
  • Integrated Telehealth Visits 
  • Intuitive UI 
  • Patient Charting 
  • Patients Portal 

What improvements do users of this programme experience? DocuTAP Vs. EClinicalWorks:

Overview of DocuTAP’s advantages: DocuTAP EMR has some excellent business intelligence and analytics features. Users will be able to make wiser judgments thanks to this feature because the software gives real-time facts and information about their clinical operations and financial activities. This feature also makes it simple for them to identify financial and medical trends, such as door-to-door timeframes, co-pay percentages, insurance collected, and more. 

DocuTAP’s business intelligence and analytics platform’s drag-and-drop functionality enables users to produce reports as a reporting and benchmarking tool. With this functionality, they will be able to locate the precise data they require to staff their clinics, adequately spot performance outliers, and calculate their offerings’ profitability. 

Additionally, DocuTAP provides customers with documentation support so they may concentrate on the kind of care and services they need to offer their patients. To accommodate acute care, primary care, pediatrics, or occupational health, they can customize templates provided by the EHR/PM software. To maintain consistency and match templates with the standard of care they establish throughout their groups or within their business, they will also be able to set and lock them. 

Additional Capabilities of DocuTAP:

DocuTAP has additional capabilities that raise patient engagement. Making it simple for patients to register online is one of them. As a result, patients can fill out forms and make appointments online before visiting. In addition, a unique feature of DocuTAP EMR is that patients can observe the in-line queue through its corporate dashboard. 

eClinicalWorks EMR Advantages:  The Practice Management System and eClinicalworks EMR are integrated to make sure that patient flow from check-in to check-out is flawlessly simplified. In addition, the unification provides a fluid workflow from the front desk to the medical team and billing office personnel. 

Most of the capabilities offered by this EHR software are fully customizable to the user’s needs. In other words, you will be free and effective to work how you want, not how others want you to work. 

Additionally, you will be able to communicate information using this technique excellently and efficiently. The eClinicalWorks EHR technology makes sending and receiving information very simple. Additionally, it makes all the data easily accessible and puts everything in your fingers. No matter where you are, the system will promptly provide all information, whether for managing medications, clinical decision support, patient education materials, or retrieving lab results. 

Eclinicalworks EMR has also created several all-encompassing healthcare solutions. In addition, the EHR platforms can be fully linked with all other products to create a single, incredibly potent solution. 

Who has the higher price? DocuTAP EMR or eClinicalWorks? 

The starting pricing of eClinicalWorks EMR is $449 per provider/month + 2.9% of practice collections, which is less expensive than the industry standard for medical software. Although they don’t make it publicly available, DocuTAP EMR & PM exact pricing information is available upon request. Again, it is less expensive than the typical cost of medical software. The price of eClinicalWorks is comparable to that of DocuTAP EMR & PM. 

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How do they differ? DocuTAP Vs. EClinicalWorks:

Deployment is a crucial aspect to consider when purchasing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. Both desktop and mobile platforms—Windows, Macintosh, and iOS and Android—support eClinicalWorks EMR. On Windows, Linux, and Macintosh desktop systems, as well as Android and iOS mobile platforms, DocuTAP EMR for Urgent Care is accessible. 

DocuTAP for Urgent Care offers email, phone, live support, and training, while eClinicalWorks gives phone and email assistance to its clients. 

The target customer base of eClinicalWorks Vs. DocuTAP is a startup and small and medium enterprises.