Special License

Local Ute Rental Services for Weeks or for Days

When driving a Ute, it is important to ensure that you have the correct driver’s license to legally operate the vehicle. Throughout Australia, there are seven classifications for licenses, and each allows for the driver to operate all of the vehicles in the lower levels of licenses as well as larger ones. Those who have the MC, or Multi Combination License, are able to drive any type of vehicle. In order to drive a Ute, a Car License, C, is required. 

Online Offers and Top Rates

For local moves, small jobs, and short-term needs, a local Ute rental can be used. These are available for a few days or a few weeks, allowing for a flexible rental for any job. A Ute offers a truck cab that can seat between two to five people depending upon the model selected and has an open back that allows for moving large or small objects. These are ideal for building supplies, furniture or appliances, small local deliveries, and more. Local rentals are suitable for vehicles that will be rented and returned in the local area and are not able to be driven long distances or returned in alternative locations. Anyone who has a C License is able to drive these base vehicles, and however, for a larger vehicle or those that pull large-sized trailers, additional licensing requirements may be necessary. Local rentals can be offered on a short-term basis, from as little as a weekend for a local move to weeks for a necessary project or as a long-term rental that supports your business year-round. Visit the website or request your rate quote through email for the best rates for your next vehicle rental. For the best offers and top rates, check the website. CVG Ute Hire Adelaide offers top rates for all vehicle rentals, including vans, trucks, and Utes. Local rentals are available for any size vehicle. Special online offers provide the best prices and rates that you will find and can allow for easy rental, no hidden fees, and they are backed by top customer service. For long-term rentals, it is key to have an affordable rate that allows for flexibility in the type of vehicle and allows for as many vehicles as needed to be added as needed. As business needs fluctuate, rentals can be added or returned, and there will always be the right number and type of vehicle available for any job. Affordable rates make this attainable and allow for businesses to have the vehicles they need at the time they need them without the overhead of purchasing and maintaining permanent vehicles. CVG Hire offers both long-term and short-term rentals for a range of vehicles, including trucks, vans, and Utes, at top rates and with special online offers. Most vehicles, including the Utes, require only a standard car license and are included in their fleet.