Jacks of all trade, a specialist in none. This might as be well the most popular phrase for a handyman. Coined from their ability and an unusual plethora of skills; the ability to offer several services at the same time. A handyman can offer the services of a plumber, carpenter, ACV man, repair man, and every other handy service. They are always at the beck and call. At least, they save most businesses and homeowners from home hazards and office crises. 

Imagine a world without the existence of handymen who are indeed handy with their tools and craft. Gaining prominence as a handyman isn’t an uphill task nor does it demands any special certification. As long as you know a few services you can offer as a handyman to businesses or homes, you’re good to go. All you need to make more profit and scale your business is to learn bookkeeping and simple invoice for handyman services. 

Despite how common this profession may appear, you can brand it to become more professional than every other business in existence. Whether you’re looking to start a handyman service business or just searching for information on the services handymen offer, you’re in for a good read. First, let’s get a clear picture of what a handyman does. 

What Does A Handyman Do?

The average handyman goes by different titles and wears a lot of feathers on his cap. Albeit, the feathers sit tight on his cap. It’s simply magical how a person can handle the tasks of fixing the sink, hanging frames, or even repainting the home seamlessly. 

There are two basic categories of handymen. The first category is the ones that offer specific services as a professional would. They often have licenses and certifications in each handyman service. On the other hand, you have the jack of all trades, an expert in one or none. These handymen know every service in demand. From minor installations, cleaning, and painting even to the full-service offerings, they do it all. 

For them, the market defines what they offer. Depending on which service is more in demand or satisfies their schedule and pocket demands. They are too often regarded as salesmen without a license or qualification. Jacks of all trades or hired professionals, you can’t hide the fact that you need handymen around to get by. They make life much easier and they’re handy for emergencies. I bet you have a few on your contact list. If you don’t, you should quickly look up a handyman in your locality. Now, to the question, what services does a handyman offer? 

Different Types Of Handyman Services You Need To Know

Nobody asks a handyman what he can do, he’ll hit you with this reply “everything”. The question is what do you need a handyman to do for you? Here’s a list of handyman services you need today. You may need one for your business or home property. 


The worst home issue to experience on a busy day is a leaking pipe or clogged sink. Led by the consistent dripping water sound. Soon, your home is flooded with water when you’re away. Soon accompanied by a miserable damp smell and mold from the excess water. Nobody wants such a round. Fixing it up may lead to a bigger problem, hence you may need a handyman to sweep in and save the day. 

A plumber is usually capable of identifying the root cause and fixing it up to be as good as new. If you’re unsure of the local individual plumbers in your locality, you can haggle the price of maintenance with a handyman repair company. They usually send out their experts to fix up your leaks. Whether it’s coming from the sinks, bathroom, kitchen, or toilet. These guys have a knack for finding the exact location of the leakage. Hiring a plumber for the job is much more settling than incurring more damage when you handle the task yourself.


Window Installation And Repairs

Whether you’re moving to a new home or just renovating the wears and tears. You’ll need a handyman to handle this aspect of the home for you. A Handyman enhances the beauty of dignity of the home or any space at all with their installation and repairs of windows. Most handymen can tell the frame size and specific style suitable for a particular space. With experience comes better insight. As an interior decoration company, you can hire them for your clients as well. If you find the right handyman for the job, you can go to sleep knowing that you’ll meet brand new window installations and repairs. 

Repair Of Small Home And Office Appliance 

Installing home and office appliances seems like such an easy task until you attempt to plug the socket. Bleh! It’s not working. The fan is turned in the wrong direction and the microwave is heating up. To avoid the risk of electrocution and overheating which may ultimately result in permanent damage to your appliance. 

You’ll need to hire a handyman for this task. It’ll shock you to know that these handymen are capable of fixing up your broken blender and making it as good as new. Instead of throwing out a perfectly good appliance due to a minor glitch, hire a handyman to save you extra bucks. 

Installing DryWalls

Imagine how embarrassing it’ll be having guests over at your home to meet a damaged wall. A handyman can fix up your drywall in the event of damage. Like water, fire, or other unforeseen circumstances. Lifting the heavy sheets can seem to be a herculean task but not for the handyman. They’re experts in fixing up your drywall so your home looks as good as new and more protected. 

Installing Tiles 

Tiles provide such a decorative aesthetic to the home. Regardless, what area of the space you need them: office, kitchen, toilet or the living room. Installing these expensive tiles demands special care and expertise. As some of them are fragile and prone to damage if handled roughly. 

To achieve the beautiful installation pattern for your home, you’ll need to hire the services of a handyman specifically trained and qualified for this task. A few will claim to do the job well, but you must carefully select a real professional tile installer to avoid moisture and more damage to the expensive floor tiles. 

Painting The Home And Office

As with every other home demand. You’ll need the services of a handyman to handle the painting of your home. From your interiors to the exteriors, there are specific paints and colors for each space. You may not be able to figure them out including the amount of paint needed to achieve a final look. Hiring the services of a trusted and honest painter reduces the stress of guesswork. Moreso, their professional painting service adds a touch of class and value to the ambiance of your home. 

Power Washing

The handyman handles this task of power washing. They use the pressure of a high-pressure hose to get rid of dirt and molds from exterior walls. The more your home ages or comes under constant use, you’ll often face an attack of mold and mildew. Often in the rainy seasons due to the damp atmosphere. 

Molds often cause serious health challenges. Even allergic symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, itching, coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, headache, and fatigue. A handyman versed in this order can sweep your home thoroughly getting rid of all the mold and other unwanted organisms. Trust the handyman to sweep them out of their comfort and hiding zones. 

Installing, Repairs, And Upgrading Smart Home Devices

Home smart devices and systems are now in demand and more use. . They’re such a breath of relief, automated for the smooth running of the home. As fancy as they sound like Alexa. Installing them isn’t always fun and easy. You’ll need the services of a handyman who is capable of installing these smart home devices to help with the task. Whether you’re repairing or installing newly upgraded, you need a trained professional handyman who is capable of installing or fixing them. 

Replacing Home Fixtures 

Certain fixtures wear out with use and demand the help of a handyman to fix them or replace them completely. Purchasing one for the home or office can raid your pocket if you do not know how to get a quality replcement. A handyman is most useful for this specific errand. He knows what to buy and where to get them at affordable rates even the required dimensions better than you do. 

Sometimes, the fixtures only need a touch to restore them good as new. Whether it’s the cabinet faucets, kitchen cabinets, racks, or locks, consult a handyman before concluding. Repairing them yourselves may cause home hazards and other issues as well. 

Unclogging the toilet and bathroom 

It’d be a surprise if you’ve never experienced a sudden toilet clog or bathroom clog. It can be especially embarrassing too. However, it’s normal for such incidents to occur in the home. They’re all a result of constant use and sometimes, wear of the home. Handymen are registered experts in this sort of emergency. They’re proven to be most reliable in lavatory repairs: unclogging the showers, bathtubs, bathroom drain, and even the toilet clogs. Leave the dirt smelly work for the handyman and take a rest on the balcony.

“Ring the handyman and go to bed with your eyes closed” needs to be framed and placed on the hallway of achievement. Whether you think they’re too expensive or sometimes affordable, you simply cannot live without their services. Hiring a handyman is a great take on ease. You have comfort and proper delivery on any home tasks and handy services. Handymen are handy indeed. Give the handyman his due reward!