BSc is an abbreviation for Bachelors of Science, a three-year undergraduate degree programme offered in a range of subjects, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, botany, zoology, etc. A BSc programme is one of India’s most sought-after courses across leading institutes and universities. BSc programmes are ideal for students with a flair for scientific aptitude and zeal for a research-oriented and calculative approach to a proven systematic method. However, among many specialisations offered in a BSc programme, BSc mathematics is gaining popularity in the current landscape.  

Earlier, students classified mathematics as a dreaded subject. But now, it has become one of the most popular choices in graduation as it paves the way to a promising professional life. Earning a bachelor’s degree in mathematics can open doors for lucrative career opportunities. 

BSc Mathematics: Programme Overview

BSc in Mathematics is a three-year degree programme structurally divided into six-semester coursework. The study of mathematics at the undergraduate level typically deals with structure, space, and change. Typically BSc in Mathematics courses offers a well-designed curriculum that includes all the major topics. Here are some of the subjects covered under this undergraduate programme:

  • Algebra
  • Vector Analysis and Geometry
  • Advanced Calculus
  • Integral Calculus and Trigonometry
  • Differential Equation 
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Linear Programming and Optimisation
  • Numerical Methods

Career Prospects after BSc in Mathematics

A degree in Mathematics is classified as one of the most advanced degrees of study that can make the graduate employable. It empowers them to take on jobs across diverse industries. Since mathematics is an interdisciplinary field, the list of career opportunities after a BSc in Mathematics is vast. Hiring organisations ranging from multinational computer science and software companies to research and job opportunities for mathematics graduates can be found in every growing sector.

Here are some of the prominent careers and placements offered to a BSc Mathematics graduate:

  • Banking- Investment Banking
  • Actuarial Profession
  • Computing and IT
  • Operational Research 
  • General Management
  • Banking- Retail Banking
  • Accountancy and Professional Services

The growing in-demand sectors are constantly looking for mathematics graduates to add value to their organisations. Here are some of the job roles that a mathematics graduate can take on:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Operational Researcher
  • Data Analyst
  • General Manager
  • Financial/Investment Analyst
  • Research Assistance

After BSc in Maths, there is a vast number of jobs available. If you are skeptical about what BSc specialisation to opt for, consider mathematics as it can offer you excellent job opportunities. Career prospects in BSc mathematics are high ranging from economics to accounts to coding, and mathematics graduates can make their careers in a plethora of fields. 

A BSc programme in mathematics is a career-oriented course that focuses on building subject-specific knowledge and skills that can be applied to various careers. A mathematics degree offers you the ability to think logically and aims to inculcate problem-solving and decision-making skills highly sought by potential employers. Start your journey towards a lucrative career with a BSc in Mathematics!