Cold calls and automated emails are marketing strategies that aside from feeling quite impersonal are also pretty easy to ignore. But when a company goes above and beyond and sends their clients a corporate gift, this is much harder to ignore. 

There is a reason why sending gifts to relevant parties is an effective business strategy: it establishes an instant emotional bond between the firm and the recipient of the gift. For a long time, corporations have relied on the power of gifting to build stronger relationships with new and existing customers, as well as to express gratitude for doing business with them. When implemented in a well-planned marketing strategy, gifting can be quite useful in terms of ROI and client and employee satisfaction.

Why Are Corporate Gifts Important?

For a business, there is nothing worse than having clients and employees who feel undervalued. When they feel this way, they’re likely to end up looking elsewhere for businesses that appreciate them.

According to research, as much as 68% of clients will leave a business due to a perceived indifference on the part of the organisation. When you give your clients a corporate gift, you send them the message that they are important for your company and that you go above and beyond your competitors to make them happy. 

In a similar way, employees who feel undervalued are more prone to become depressed and less productive. In the worst-case scenario, worker turnover may increase as employees seek out alternative work environments that make them feel appreciated. While having managers and leaders who express their gratitude personally is beneficial, a well-timed corporate gift reminds employees that they are valued by the firm as a whole. Even something as basic as a chocolate box demonstrates that you’re prepared to go above and beyond to express your thanks, making recipients feel cherished.

What to Gift?

When it comes to corporate gifts, promotional products like pens, shirts, mousepads, etc. are common options. But if you’re really looking to stand out from the competition, you should try sending something more personal and which won’t be associated with office supplies, such as corporate craft beer gifts or chocolate gift packs.

Why chocolate? Well, for one it’s impossible to take each person’s likes and dislikes into account when you buy gifts for a large number of people. A chocolate gift is something that is appealing to basically anyone. Even those who say that sweets aren’t their thing may not resist a delicious box of chocolate. 

Another great reason to send chocolate is the fact that it’s a common gift for special occasions and is often received from friends, family and other people close to us. As mentioned above, corporate gifts are all about getting your customers and employees to understand they are valued. So, a delicious chocolate treat will make them feel warm and happy and they will enjoy it in a totally different light compared to something like a pen with your business’ name and logo. 

All in all, receiving and eating the chocolate will evoke feelings in your recipients and build a personal connection that most corporate gifts fail to accomplish. That said, the following are some great corporate chocolate gift options to consider sending.

Chocolate Bouquets

As a show of thanks for their support and collaboration, many organisations now prefer to send corporate chocolate bouquets to their consumers and staff instead of flower bouquets. Aside from looking just as pretty as a regular flower bouquet, chocolate bouquets are also a tasty treat. Arranged with decadent chocolates like Lindt or Ferrero Rocher and impressively decorated, these delicacies can also be placed in hampers as part of a more elaborate gift that features wine, candles, lotions or other things worth gifting.

Sparkling Wine and Chocolate

And speaking of wine… What could be more alluring than a box filled with delicious chocolates accompanied by a chic bottle of champagne? Those who know champagne well are aware that it’s the perfect partner of chocolate as it helps keep the palate neutral to best experience the various flavours. When it comes to treating your employees or customers on a special occasion, a chocolate box paired with a bottle of champagne is the perfect corporation gift option.

Gin and Chocolate

Gifting gin is a sophisticated and professional way to show appreciation in a corporate setting. And just like sparkling wine, gin is a fantastic corporate gift to send when there is a cause of celebration. A gin and chocolate box is a wonderful combination that everyone will just love to receive. Make the gift even more unique by adding instructions on how to make the ideal gin cocktail. 

When to Give Business Gifts?

The timing is just as important as what to give. Sending a gift in an inappropriate moment could prevent you from making the memorable impact you want. As a basic rule, companies should plan to give a gift to those who help them run smoothly at least once a year. The best occasions to send corporate gifts are:

For the Holidays

For many companies, it’s standard practice to send gifts during the holiday season. This includes gifting employees, clients and service providers (such as the mail carrier). Because the holidays are a busy time of year, it’s essential to prepare ahead and make sure your gift is received on time.

To Say Thank You

Maintaining strong working relationships requires showing your appreciation to clients or workers and letting them know how much you are thankful for having them. Whether you want to say “thank you” to an employee who has gone above and beyond or show your appreciation for that one-of-a-kind customer or client, sending a gift will strengthen your relationship.

To Celebrate Your Company’s Birthday

Sending gifts to celebrate the anniversary of when your company was founded is a great way to show them that you are all part of a big family. Plus, shipping gifts to your clients and employees when they least expect them will help you stand out even more. 

To Commemorate One of Life’s Major Events

Birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, and promotions are all significant events in one’s life. Recognise your employees and give them a present to commemorate their special achievements. Just make sure you honour each employee to avoid hurt feelings.

At the End of an Important Project

Looking for a way to show your appreciation for a job well done? Giving a gift will show your workers or service providers that their hard work is appreciated, whether for completing a difficult assignment or finally getting that large client. A small expression of thanks can make customers pleased and increase employee morale.