Do you want to increase organic traffic on your website or become top-ranked in search engines? Look no further because you are in the right place. You can decide to do SEO by yourself to save money or hire a search engine optimization expert to save time. There are many do-it-yourself tips that you can apply, but they require intense research and practice. Doing search engine optimization by yourself can be tiresome and mentally exhausting, especially if you start from the basics. 

Consult an SEO company that serves Halifax and delivers SEO services. An expert from a well-reviewed SEO company can be your online business lifesaver. Yet, before hiring an expert, it is essential to understand several SEO tips. Below are some SEO “do-it-yourself” tips;

Identify and Plan Keywords to Focus On

   Conduct keyword research and develop a keyword strategy that is popular with your audience. You can use People Also Ask (PAA) to identify the most frequently asked questions for content creation. Identifying the right keywords will help you reach your targeted audience and increase traffic and ranking. An expert in search engine optimization can assist you in keyword searching using advanced SEO tools, such as UberSuggest.

Analyze your Competition 

 With a keyword strategy and a content strategy, you can identify your competitors. The information will help you understand how much traffic they create with various keywords and what you need to improve your keyword strategy. Also, try to identify keyword gaps among your competitors and develop ways of bridging the gap. However, instead of relying solely on your competitors, being unique and producing original content is essential. An expert can help you understand your competitors through advanced tools. 

Produce Content Consistently

 Consistency is critical, especially when it comes to blogging. If you want to always appear on top of the search engine, publish blogs consistently using the right keywords. Producing new content every day will help you reach more audiences and gain trust from them. Use Google Trends to identify new information and trends to write about. Always stay updated on upcoming events to avoid being outside the norm. For instance, if you are writing about health and wellness, identify the current trend in health, and write about it. 

 Share Content Widely

The easiest and most common SEO technique you can use is to share and distribute your content. Sharing will help your content reach a wider audience, hence increasing traffic. Research the different distribution channels and open as many social platforms as possible. You can publish your content on your social media platforms, such as linked in or pay a distributor to share your content through an advertisement. Hiring an SEO expert will help you locate a content distributor or offer the service as part of the package.

Build, and use Short, and Friendly SEO URLs

 URLs are a great way of marketing and pushing your content to a broader audience. Shorty and friendly URLs are even better, especially when sharing and distributing your content on social platforms. Long URLs are not attractive; hence make yours shorter and direct. Your URL should be able to tell the reader what to expect in the website; therefore, build a URL that has content keywords. Having friendly URLs will increase traffic to your website and get top-ranked. 

Push Original Content

Always strive to make original content that is free from plagiarism. Duplicating content will have you ranked low on Google, hence low traffic. Having original and up-to-date content will have you appearing on top of the search engine, compared to publishing already used content on the internet. If you use someone’s content, ensure that you provide an internal link to their website or add a reference. 

 Use Internal Links 

 Internal links work magic, and they are not hard to build. You can build an internal link that contains a page to your blog or website. An internal link will help your website increase organic traffic and increase readability. Avoid too many internal links that can be overwhelming to the reader. Instead of internal links, you can use explanatory anchor texts. You need to identify various opportunists in your content to add an internal link. Ensure the linked information is relevant to the original page content. 

 Hiring an SEO expert does not mean staying uninformed about SEO. Learn and understand what to expect. You can implement SEO strategies yourself to reduce the time and money used when hiring an expert from basics. It is important to push your content further without depending entirely on an expert.