Video production is an expensive and time-consuming process, but with proper planning, it can be affordable as well as creating and engaging content for brands. Advancements in technology have streamlined the process, reduced video ad costs, and allowed for more with less. A video production company play an important role here. Read how to dramatically reduce your corporate video production cost and plan your shoots like a pro!

Several Tips for Increasing Your Video Production Budget

1. Plan and Prepare

Video production is a crucial aspect of the production process, ensuring smooth custom shoots and efficient use of budget, proper planning is important. Proper planning during pre-production helps identify opportunities for efficiency and ensures a smooth production process. By defining campaign objectives, platforms, and goals, and planning for deliverables, a clear roadmap helps capture footage and prevents costly post-production expenditures.

2. Decide the Budget 

Optimize your budget by listing necessary shots, estimating filming costs, and recording production details. Be aware of potential shoot delays and set aside funds for unexpected expenses. Divide essential and non-essential components to reduce costs and ensure a budget-friendly production.

3. Audit Previous Production Costs 

Examine production budgets and key metrics to identify ballooning campaign costs. Prioritize driving costs down by rethinking scenes, script, and storyboard. For video campaigns, review static image ad campaigns and pay photographers, graphics, animation, and models.

4. Find a Budget-friendly Location

Consider budget-friendly locations for your shoot, such as free or isolated spots, to save on permit costs and time. Choose locations that cover your entire repertoire of scenes, and use stock footage or B-rolls for minor shots. Consider using a solid-colored backdrop or well-lit space in your house or local shops, cafes, bars, and offices for free filming. By booking well in advance, you can save money and avoid last-minute charges.

5. Repurpose Existing Assets 

Repurposing existing assets in campaigns can reduce production costs by incorporating B-roll footage, stills, and voiceovers, enhancing the campaign’s message and significantly reducing production costs.

6. Hire Strategically

Hiring a professional video production company can be cost-effective for a high-profile campaign, as it offers access to equipment, expert crew members, talent placement, scriptwriting, and efficient production. High-quality video can deliver better ROI, but it can also inflate production budgets. Instead, consider hiring a few experts in indispensable areas and amateurs for lesser pay. Eliminate extravagant sets, costumes, props, and wardrobe changes.

7. Create Shorter but Compelling Videos

Longer videos require more time and extra shots, resulting in higher ticket costs. To stay budget-conscious, create impactful videos with one to two minutes, refining scripts and storyboards for a compelling narrative.

8. Use the Right Tools in Post-Production

Post-production involves editing, VFX, and creative touches to create polished videos. Proper planning and selecting the right tools can save time and money, ensuring a polished and pro-quality final product. For example, DaVinci Resolve offers advanced features for free video editing, while IndieVisual offers Indian stock footage for B-rolls and supplemental shots. Audacity and Canva as well as Animaker are excellent tools for sound effects, voiceovers, and graphic designs.

Image Alt Text: Professional Video Production Camera

To optimize the production process, plan, and consider reducing costs, Indievisual’s Video Production Services streamline the process by connecting brands with professional content creators and experts, delivering high-quality explainer video production on a budget. Avoid cutting unnecessary costs and prioritize essential aspects. 

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