If you’re like most people, you hate when winter hits. Once it starts getting cold, you long for warm weather and balmy beaches. One of the best ways to escape the cold and snow is with a cruise. On a cruise, you’ll get to see some of the prettiest beaches the world has to offer. If you want to escape winter with a cruise this year, here are three destinations to remember. 

Eastern Caribbean

For any snowbird, traveling to the Caribbean is a must. These islands stay at a relatively constant temperature year-round, making them a great destination for tourists. On a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean, you can expect to stop at ports of call like San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas Island, and St. Maarten Island. These cities are steeped in culture and history, making stops there memorable for the whole family. Many of these islands were colonized by Spanish settlers in the 1500s and 1600s, so there are many old structures still standing, such as the Castillo San Felipe del Morro in San Juan. A cruise to these destinations will be both fun and educational. 

In addition to the history these destinations offer, cruises to Puerto Rico also offer delicious food. The dishes in these regions often taste like a marriage of Mexican and Peruvian cooking. Many things are made with local fruits and vegetables, with plantains and polenta being two of the main staples. If you want some delicious food on a stunning white-sand beach, take a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.

Galapagos Islands

Another popular destination for snowbirds is the Galapagos Islands. These islands form a small archipelago off the Ecuadorian coast, giving them regular balmy weather. On these islands, you can tour dormant volcanoes, see stunning wildlife, and eat delicious island food. These islands are famous for hosting naturalists through their discoveries, as they are home to thousands of species of birds. When you take a cruise to The Galapagos, you can follow the path of renowned scientists like Charles Darwin as you tour the islands. 

Depending on what cruise package you take, you may be able to tour some of South America’s most famous sights on a Galapagos Cruise as well. Certain cruise bundles offer tours of Machu Picchu in Peru, allowing you to see the ancient structures of the Inca natives. This history has been preserved for hundreds of years, making it a must-see destination for a vacation. If you want to experience some of what South America has to offer, head for the Galapagos Islands on your next cruise. 

The Bahamas

Finally, one of the most famous destinations for snowbirds is the Bahamas. These islands are close to the equator, making them perfect for people who crave some sunshine. The Bahamas themselves are a string of around 700 islands, but not all of them are inhabited. Most of these islands are small, with some only being a mile or two across. The larger islands are full of colorful culture and delicious food, with white sand beaches and aquamarine waters stretching across the horizon. 

One of the most popular ports of call on a Bahamas cruise is Jamaica. If your cruise line is planning on stopping at this island, you’ll probably be disembarking at either Nassau or Kingston. At these port cities, you’ll be able to shop from local artisans, try delicious island cooking, and explore some of the beautiful cultures that shaped the spice trade. These cuties have been around for centuries, and the culture has largely remained the same. When you stop at one of these cities, you might get the feeling that you’ve stepped back in time. Whether you want to explore the culture or simply enjoy the beach, a cruise to The Bahamas is perfect to get away from the snow. 

Overall, booking a cruise is a great way to escape a cold and dreary winter. If you don’t want to deal with snow and ice, head for a warm beach on a cruise ship!