Berlin is the best city to live and work in. The German capital has everything you need from a personal and professional perspective. Berlin offers a high quality of life with plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives to develop their businesses in the city. Berlin’s economy is growing faster than ever before thanks to its vibrant start-up scene but also because of its thriving tourism industry. This makes Berlin an attractive place to live as well as visit!

The City That Has It All 

There are many reasons why Berlin is a great place to live and work in, including its large and diverse population, its status as an international city, and its young age.

Berlin has a population of 3.6 million making it one of Germany’s largest cities by population. In addition to this large population, Berlin also has more than 1 million people who live outside of Berlin but commute into the city for work or study each day. 

This makes it easy for students from around the world to find jobs in their field without having to relocate first because there are so many opportunities available throughout Germany (and beyond).

Berlin offers a high quality of life

The city offers a high quality of life. Berlin is one of the leading cities in Europe and has been named as the best city to live in by The Economist Intelligence Unit. It also offers low costs, low crime rates and an employment rate that is higher than any other European capital.

Berlin has been ranked first in Mercer’s Quality of Living Ranking since 2001, making it an attractive place for expats looking to settle down permanently or temporarily.

Top Neighbourhood To Live In Berlin 

Mitte: The center of the city. This area is full of historical buildings and landmarks, as well as being home to many amazing shopping streets (like Friedrichstraße or Hackescher Markt). You’ll find plenty of cafes and bars here too, so you can go out with friends on a Friday night without getting too far from home.

Lichtenberg: This district has great transport links and is close to Alexanderplatz, which makes it an ideal place to live if you work in Mitte or Prenzlauer Berg. It’s also convenient for getting into the centre at rush hour – just crossover Karl-Liebknecht-Straße!

Neukölln: A trendy neighbourhood with lots of cafes, restaurants and shops on its main street called Sonnenallee (Sonnenallee). There are plenty of green spaces too – perfect for picnics during nice weather!

Treptow-Köpenick: Located near the river Spree with beautiful scenery along its banks. The neighbourhood was once part of East Germany.  It is popular among expats to live in. It is affordable but still within easy reach of central Berlin

Happy Working Professionals 

Berlin is a city of young people, and this is reflected in the high level of satisfaction with personal life situations. Approximately three quarters of Berlin’s residents are satisfied with their personal life situation. 

Of course, there are always exceptions: one-fifth of Berliners in particular complain about their living space being too small or unaffordable housing (a problem that affects all urban areas). However, compared to many other metropolitan areas such as New York City or London it still seems like there is more than enough room for everyone in Berlin!

In addition to its good infrastructure and opportunities for work and leisure, what makes Berlin so attractive? One reason could be its diversity—in terms of culture as well as ethnicity. It’s not surprising therefore that almost 80 % are satisfied with their personal life situation in this city where many different cultures meet each other every day – it certainly gives them something extra on top!

The government supports young entrepreneurs

Berlin has a thriving start-up scene, which is supported by the government. The city offers grants to new businesses and tax breaks for those who employ people under 35 years of age. They also offer grants for research and development, training and education, as well as other types of support that help young entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.

Berlin’s economy is growing faster than ever before

Berlin is the fastest growing economy in Europe, and it’s also one of the best cities to live and work in. You’ll find a booming tech scene, exciting startups, international companies and venture capitalists who are eager to invest money in your ideas.

The city’s lively startup ecosystem has seen strong growth over the past few years thanks to its innovative approach to business that combines traditional industry with new technologies like blockchain technology or artificial intelligence (AI). If you’re interested in starting your own company here, then Berlin may be the perfect place for you!


The German capital is becoming a more exciting city to live and work in. It has a strong economy, great internet connectivity and an international business community. Berlin is also the most affordable city out of all European capitals so if you’re looking for a place to start your career or grow your business then this could be it!