A freshly baked doughnut (donut) with coffee is a fast and inexpensive way to start your day feeling energized. In the US, the origins of donuts can be traced to Dutch settlers in the 1700s, and their popularity has significantly risen over the years. Currently, slightly more than a third of Americans have confessed to taking this beloved treat at least once a month, earning it an undeniable status in American culture. Check out https://ownashipleydonuts.com/opportunity/ for a franchise opportunity to spread the donut love and delight in your neighborhood while making money. 

Other than being pleasurable to eat, you may be wondering if there are any benefits to eating donuts regularly. The short answer is yes! There is a range of benefits, and this article will cover some of the most notable. 

  • Boosts your Morning Mood 

Morning grumpiness is a common symptom among many people and can have many causes. Other than getting too little sleep from an overscheduled life, a foul mood also results from low sugar levels in the body when waking up. Donuts quickly solve this problem due to their high-calorie composition. Next time you wake up feeling nasty, a tasty donut may be all you need. 

  • Energy Source

Our brains rely entirely on glucose as an energy source to keep them functioning optimally throughout the day. Your body’s energy levels are usually lowest in the morning, and an excellent calorie-filled breakfast quickly rejuvenates the energy reserves to maintain your metabolism throughout your day’s activities. Donuts are packed with calories, and just one or two with coffee in the morning will spike your energy levels through the roof. 

  • They are Wholesome 

Donuts are some of the unique foods that can be made from various recipes. Their various toppings and glazing make them a wholesome meal. You can choose to enjoy these delicacies in various forms, with the most common being cake-style, jelly-filled, cream-filled, old-fashioned, and many others. There are just so many wholesome donut styles for everyone!

  • They can be a Great Source of Motivation 

Donuts can be a great motivational treat in the short term, especially for kids. Delayed gratification plays a vital role in catapulting many people’s dreams when they set their eyes on the final achievement. Donuts are delicious, and promising yourself a tasty treat after finishing a task can be a great way to spur your motivation, whatever the task. Think of it as somewhat dangling a carrot at yourself as you work on a task. 

  • Saves You Time 

Many people skip breakfast to save time due to their busy morning schedules and the time-consuming commuting process. Donuts come in handy if you’re trying to keep your time in check, as you may need to prepare your coffee. What’s more, a donut and coffee can be taken virtually anywhere, whether at your workplace or during your morning commute. Switch to donuts in the morning to avoid skipping the most important meal of the day, breakfast. 

  • Nutrients and Vitamin Sources

Depending on their toppings, donuts are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins needed by our bodies. Many donut styles include a variety of fruit-based jams or fresh fruit extracts from berries, apricots, pineapples, etc. Eating such donuts contributes significantly to filling your daily required fruit intake. 

  • Can Aid Weight Management 

While this might seem counterintuitive, given that donuts are packed with calories, it’s actually true. New research shows that people who eat a heavy breakfast burn almost twice as many calories as those who eat a heavy dinner. They also experience healthy glucose and insulin levels throughout the day. Donuts are a perfect way to give yourself a heavy breakfast to ensure your cravings and hunger pangs are kept on the low, keeping your weight in check. 

  • Boosts Brain Power

You may have noticed that you feel sluggish and less focused during the days when you eat nothing in the morning. Your overall performance takes a dive, including your attention and memory, because your brain is low on the energy it needs to keep going, especially on days when you sleep long hours. This is because at night, as you sleep, your liver breaks down and releases glycogen to stabilize your blood sugar levels. When you wake up in the morning after long hours of going without food, your glycogen reserves are low and need to be restored. Having a high-calorie snack like a donut quickly makes your brain more active and energetic.

From the benefits above, there is no reason not to have this tasty delicacy regularly complemented with your drink of choice, which can be coffee, a glass of cold milk, or yogurt. Of course, unless you have some health problems that prohibit you from taking them.