In the event that you long for a top of the line cruiser bicycle, assemble all data about another model here.

Do you additionally believe that bikes are superior to four-wheelers? All things considered, Bikes prove to be useful when the traffic isn’t in support of yourself. What’s more, on the off chance that you own a superbike like Benda bd300, everyone’s eyes will be on you.

However the bicycle isn’t yet in the market of India, let us investigate the Benda bd300 Price in India.

Benda Motorcycles

Benda Motorcycle is a main bike brand in Zhejiang area, China. It has a long history behind it what began in 1994. At first, the name of the organization was Zhejiang Zhongnam Motorcycle Co. In 2012 the organization totally dropped all the conventional product offerings because of a rebuilding and change program.

It is considered as one of the main four bike endeavors of Zhejiang region that has autonomous engine vehicle creation and fare capability. The organization has practical experience in substantial cruisers. It has a noteworthy and flexible product offering. We should think about the new expansion to this product offering, Benda bd300 Price in India.

Think About Benda bd300 Motorcycle

The Benda Greystone model no BD300-16 is the new cruiser bicycle from the notable Chinese bike maker, Benda. This bicycle is known for its appealing outdated cruiser plan and remarkable highlights. It’s anything but a tear molded gas tank that has a limit of 15 liters alongside increased split-plan seats to give a more loosened up ride.

The retro displayed headlights are outfitted with a full LED lighting framework. What’s more, you can likewise discover a TFT device group, twin exhaust, shoe grip and a six-speed gearbox. Benda bd300 Price in India will likewise be influenced by the way that it is fueled by a V-twin, fluid chilled motor that can produce a force of 30 strength, which empowers it to run at a most extreme speed of 130kmph.

This monster runs on wheels of sixteen inches which are enclosed by Michelin Scorcher tires and are consummately upheld by a topsy turvy front suspension. The rider’s wellbeing is guaranteed by plate brakes on the two wheels alongside ABS.

Cost of Benda BD300

The Greystone BD300-16 is a variation of Benda Jinjira with few alterations. Along these lines, it is normal that the Benda bd300 Price in India is probably going to be ten to fifteen thousand over the past model’s value, which is identical to 2.30 lakh.

The bicycle has effectively been dispatched in the Italian market with a sticker price of 5450 Euros. However the chance of the Indian market getting the model is low as the brand has no presence in the country, we can in any case gauge a cost in expectation. The hopeful cost of this model in the Indian market is around 2.5 lakh. You can discover here more information about this new cruiser bicycle


The Benda bd300 Price in India makes the bicycle look extravagant. In any case, in the event that we go through the real factors accessible about BD300-16, we can without much of a stretch infer that this new model from Benda cruiser merits the cost. All things considered, it offers you 30hp with agreeable and safe riding highlights.