An app for your restaurant is a great marketing tool and a method to increase sales.

It lets your customers order food from your menu, see the latest deals, send feedback, or view your location on a map.

So what features should you include when you build an app for your restaurant? App development can be tedious but will help make it easier.

We’re going to let you in on our top five must-have restaurant app features. So grab a coffee and let’s get started!

1) Include Your Menu

Make your menu available on your app. This gives customers a chance to look at your offering before they reserve a table.

Include photos of the food. This not only improves user experience (UX) but also increases sales. Include the price of each item, along with specials and promotions.

2) Book Your Table Online

Make sure your customers can make reservations without hassle. You can add this function in a variety of ways.

Consider a button that says “Reserve Table” or “Book Now” on the homepage of your app. Or, you can include a link to the reservation page in one of the menu tabs. You could even have a separate tab for reservations only.

3) Place Your Order Online

You can give your customers the functionality to place an order from the app.

This allows customers to place orders from anywhere. Whether they’re at work, home, or on the road, with an online ordering facility, you make it easy for them to support you.

It saves time for both you and your customers too! You don’t have to deal with phone calls or wait for customers to come into your restaurant. Instead, you can focus on doing other things that are important for running a business.

4) Let Customers Leave a Review

Reviews are important. They help you understand what your customers think about your restaurant. You can use the reviews to identify areas for improvement, as well as areas that are working well.

Reviews also give you insight into how your customers feel about their experience. If a large number of patrons complain about slow service, for example, you’ll know what to improve.

5) Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a great way to keep your customers coming back. Make it easy for customers to earn points every time they support your business.

Consider offering rewards that patrons can redeem at different times (e.g., one per month). This will encourage repeat visits and entice customers to redeem their points.

Keep the rewards interesting and relevant.

If you have an ice cream shop, you could offer discounts on ice cream or other treats during the summer months. You could also send out coupons for free samples throughout the year. This way, your customers won’t forget about your establishment!

Build an App for Your Restaurant With Push Notifications 

Push notifications are a great way to engage with customers, and are useful for:

  • Sending out special offers and discounts
  • Promoting new menu items
  • Alerting patrons about special events

You can also use this feature to provide special offers on certain days or at certain times.

App Development For Your Restaurant

The app development process should be a smooth one.

With these handy app development tips, you can build an app for your restaurant that works for you. Take your time with this process. After all, you’ll want to get it right for both your business and your customers.

To find out more about building an app for your restaurant, click here.