If you’re unfamiliar with the MCU movies, this article will introduce you to the various superhero movies. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to the Avengers, or haven’t seen any yet, this article will help you understand the different aspects of these movies. Read on for an overview of the main characters, the storyline, and the plotlines. Moreover, you’ll learn how to understand each one’s unique powers and specialties.

Avengers Assemble

The Marvel Animation series Avengers Assemble debuted on May 26, 2013 as an hour-long preview, but the series officially premiered on July 7, 2013. The first episode was available for free on iTunes on May 21, 2013. It was shown on Teletoon in Canada on September 6, 2014, on Disney XD in Australia on October 12, and in Africa on October 15, 2013. The second season was released on March 9, 2015 in India.

An Oral History of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – The Marvel Comics team was brought to life with this animated film adaptation of the 1960s comics. The animated series is written by Brian Michael Bendis, who drew a team of recognizable heroes in the Marvel Comics. The pages feature illustrations by top comic artists. Fans of the original Avengers will enjoy this book, which is perfect for newcomers and collectors alike.


An Introduction to MCU Movies may seem like an overly simplified explanation, but it’s important to get started on the right foot. After all, this massive film franchise has hundreds of characters, travels across time and dimensions, and even includes aliens. The MCU is so vast and varied that even in-depth guides cannot explain it all. So what can you do? Read on to learn more about the MCU and how to keep up with all the exciting new movies.

First, let’s look at Ant-Man, a character from the comics. This movie is a fun one that upends the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while the first part of the film is based on an early draft of The Avengers, the second half is a completely different story. The Avengers films are more expansive and exciting than Ant-Man, so there’s plenty to keep you entertained.


Thor is a superhero who is a main character in the Marvel Comics universe. In the MCU movies, Thor has the role of an Avenger who fights against the evil Thanos. In the first Thor movie, the Avengers fight Thanos with the Power Stone and defeat him. Then, Thor returns to New Asgard and makes Valkyrie his ruler. In the second movie, Thor battles Thanos again but this time he is successful in killing the Hulk and Heimdall, as well as the Statesman. Thor also joins the Guardians of the Galaxy to save his friends from Thanos’ army.

The MCU has been expanding with each movie, and Thor is one of the most popular superheroes. Thor was one of the first movies to be released, and the movie was a huge success in 2011. It helped to facilitate Feige’s master plan to have Avengers movies. Kenneth Branagh, who directed Thor, gave the story a literary weight, and the film featured classically trained actors. The MCU now has more than a dozen films starring Thor.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a very explosive introduction to the cosmic powered Avenger. The film takes place in the 1990s, and is an unconventional origin story for the titular character. There are numerous nods to other MCU movies in Captain Marvel, some of which were obvious based on confirmed appearances, while others were more pleasant surprises. In addition to her new role as Earth’s last hope against Thanos, the film features some of the most memorable characters from the comics.

This film also marks the first female lead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It features Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, and is the first film to star a female superhero. The film introduces the characters The Falcon and Winter Soldier, which is the character that Captain America’s closest ally. The movie also introduces the character The Winter Soldier, played by Sebastian Stan. Captain Marvel also introduces the characters Black Widow and the Falcon, which will later become key members of the Avengers.

Doctor Strange

With a new movie coming out this November, Marvel Studios will introduce a new hero to the world: Doctor Strange. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, this egotistical, masked master surgeon is on a quest to find cures for the lost hands of Avengers: Infinity War. He will also appear in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home. The MCU movies will introduce the character in a new light in the next phase of the Spider-verse, as well as some additional characters from the multiverse.

One of Doctor Strange’s best known abilities is the ability to manipulate time. In his third act, he used the Eye Of Agamotto to turn back time and create a time loop in order to convince Dormammu to retreat from Earth. With these powers, Doctor Strange is easily the most powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, arguably equal to the power of Christopher Reeve’s Superman in “Superman: The Movie.”