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Over the years, I’ve used a number of different beauty products. I’ve done my research, read the reviews, and now I know that everyone has their own unique version of the Holy Grail. Someone’s skincare regimen may work for them, but it doesn’t guarantee it will work for you. However, I had to write a SkinMedica review after reading numerous testimonials from numerous people who had various lives, ages, and demands and believed SkinMedica to be their Holy Grail.

I’m going to share the knowledge I’ve discovered to assist you decide if your favorite beauty item will be mine. I am 43. I don’t drink or smoke, and the majority of my diet consists of whole foods like meats, fish, and vegetables, along with a few whole grains and the occasional refined carb and treat. For inflammation and allergies, I take Borage Oil, Fish Oil, a B Complex, D, Quercetin, and a Mushroom Complex every day. Other than one cup of tea and 1-2 cups of coffee per day, I just drink water (sparkling and still).I don’t get acne very often, but when I do, it typically results in one or two deep pimples on my chin or close to my mouth and is hormonal. My skin can become so dry in the winter that it can crack beneath the nose. I always shine in the summer, especially in my T-Zone. I received Botox in February but underwent no further procedures, and I haven’t had a facial in a year. I don’t often have skin sensitivity issues, but I have allergies to several common components (salicylic acid, aloe, and nickel). In college, I used tanning beds excessively, but now I apply sunscreen religiously. I adore taking long walks on the beach and I’m an Aquarius, but maybe that’s too much information? Anyway, here is my long-awaited review of SkinMedica.

My frank review of SkinMedica

I have a business relationship with SkinMedica, full disclosure. I was given free merchandise in exchange for four scheduled Instagram posts. I wasn’t even required to use it or give it a positive rating. But I did my homework before deciding to work with them because, although it’s out of my price range, I was delighted to use such pricey, highly-regarded skincare and it gets rave ratings from many of you readers as well as what I found online. They sent me the following product regimen for my first article, which included the renown SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum. Because I utilized those items the longest, they are the main subject of this SkinMedica review.

The TNS Essential Serum from SkinMedica

The growth factor formula from SkinMedica is combined with TNS Recovery Complex® in one chamber and APS Corrective Complex in the other chamber of TNS Essential Serum. 92% of those who used this serum thought it improved skin texture and tone, made wrinkles appear less noticeable, and made their skin look younger. Initial results appeared after 30 days, while the best results appeared after 90 days. Be aware that this contains human growth factor (AKA stem cells).I used this product before moisturizer every morning and evening after cleaning and toning. Some have said that the dual-chamber pump clogs and malfunctions, but I’ve never experienced that. I faithfully applied it for seven weeks. No overpowering fragrance, no immediate irritability. It absorbs well, making it simple to put additional products on top of it.

HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator by SkinMedica

For general skin health, HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator enhances the skin’s natural capacity to replenish its own hyaluronic acid (HA). It offers rapid smoothing of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin is smoothed by the special blend of five HA forms in HA5, which lessens the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. The 5 HAs cooperate to give instant hydration and ongoing smoothing throughout the day.

Yeah, I didn’t really understand it either, but I used it over the TNS Serum every morning and evening. I couldn’t really tell what it was doing, even when I was applying. Since then, I’ve learned more about hyaluronic acid (see this post) and am now aware that it was aiding in the moisture retention of my skin. Similar to the TNS Serum, there is no unpleasant fragrance, no inflammation, and no acne. It absorbs quite rapidly and leaves a dry finish, just like other HA products I’ve used.

Cream for dermal repair by SkinMedica

High concentrations of the anti-oxidants C and E, as well as potent moisturizers like Sodium Hyaluronate, are found in Dermal Repair Cream to hydrate the skin. The skin naturally contains sodium hyaluronate, which can hold up to 40 times its weight in water on the skin’s surface.

Every evening, I applied this over the Hydrator. No odor, discomfort, or outbreaks, once more. It is thick, feels good on the skin, and absorbs well enough so that your pillow won’t become greasy. I truly enjoyed how it made my skin feel in the morning—soft and supple.

SPF 34 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen by SkinMedica Total Defense + Repair

With the help of SOL-IRTM Advanced Antioxidant Complex, Total Defense + Repair is a revitalizing superscreen that goes beyond sunscreen. Sunscreens with a traditional broad spectrum only block UVA and UVB rays. Total Defense + Repair’s ability to defend against IR-A and aid in skin renewal is made possible by our trio of strong antioxidants.

This moisturizer with SPF felt very average for use during the day. It felt wonderful, wasn’t very greasy, took some rubbing to fully absorb, didn’t have a strong smell, and caused no negative responses. Each morning, I used it after using the Hydrator and before applying makeup.

Application of the SkinMedica Regimen

After two weeks, I began to notice a change, as though I had gotten more sleep. Simply put, my skin appeared happier, brighter, and more bouncy. My skin has significantly improved after a month. My pores shrank, my pores shrank, my wrinkles diminished, and my forehead creases got more shallow. My skin appeared years younger. Even though I wasn’t using an eye cream, the area under my eyes seemed to have changed the most to me. I’ve got permanent dark circles because of allergies my entire life. My skin around my eyes became strained from rubbing them and developed “pockets.” I was so worried about them that I thought about having a treatment to lessen them. However, this combination of goods reduced them and had a greater impact than water and a full night’s rest.

I was enamored with SkinMedica and raved about it to everyone I met. My skin looked improved the longer I used it. The day after I removed the Hydrator from the routine, my skin felt drier, so I added it back in. Although the other night cream I used was adequate, the SkinMedica product left my skin looking much healthier and more radiant in the morning.

The top row shows my complexion before using SkinMedica, and the bottom row shows it after using only a little CC cream, no concealer, and color cosmetics. It’s everything in daylight.

After six weeks, I had stopped using foundation and concealer almost every day. I changed into a woman who only applied mascara and eyebrow pencil, and people would remark on how beautiful my skin looked. I also developed into one of those women who, when I revealed my age, elicited unexpected looks from others. I called SkinMedica to request product refills since I was so excited.

I took a weekend trip to Rehoboth Beach after seven weeks. I was alright when I went to bed on Friday and I woke up on Saturday with a rash all over my neck. I asked for a hypoallergenic cushion in place of the hotel’s feather one and took some Benadryl. No, it became worse the next day and had wrapped around my ears.I returned home, and the next week it moved to my face’s outside corners. I started doing some research and discovered that a tiny percentage of users of SkinMedica experience allergic responses to a few of the chemicals, either immediately after usage or 6–8 weeks afterwards. I visited a specialist, who recommended a “detox diet” to identify the precise substance. Yep, once I tried reintroducing SkinMedica, the rash returned.

After leaving SkinMedica, my skin. There aren’t any images of me without makeup because I take good care of my skin, but you can see that my forehead and under-eye creases have returned, I have more freckles and redness, and even in the top right and left photos, I’m wearing a full face of makeup; it simply sweated off a little.

Since this product is GOOD, I will continue to market SkinMedica for the remainder of my contract, but I won’t pretend to utilize it. 

Did you know SkinMedica?

SkinMedica is a medical-grade skincare firm that specializes in helping consumers attain naturally glowing, younger-looking skin. The majority of their high-end skincare is developed to address common aging skin issues. Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, a late dermatologist, understood there had to be a way to slow or repair the appearance of aging if he was to discover a solution for his clients’ skin troubles. He co-founded SkinMedica in 1999 with the goal of “unlocking the ability of the skin to heal from the inside,” according to the company’s website. The skincare company has spent years researching and creating solutions to address various skin issues. SkinMedica is always looking for new ways to improve product formulations so that clients may feel great in their own skin. SkinMedica reviews will amaze you.