All the fascinating outdoor elements like bar, lounge, pool, terrace, and pergola require a certain level maintenance to ensure a long life. It applies to outdoor furniture as well. Outdoor furniture covers are an indispensable requisite to enhance the life and durability of your lawn furniture pieces. Check out FurnitureOkay for amazing designs and deals on outdoor furniture.

  • The patio furniture cover’s material is paramount. Your preference should always be high-quality material, which can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Experts recommend using vinyl outdoor furniture covers.

  • Water-resistance is another mandatory feature. The main purpose of lawn furniture covers is to shield your garden furniture. They must have waterproof materials.

  • Vinyl covers provide the best waterproofing. It allows droplets of water to slide down and bead up the furniture cover before soaking through the item.

  • Polyester blends are pretty common as well because they are durable. However, don’t settle for something just because it’s cheap.

Inferior materials like cheap polyester will become brittle and crack in no time.

Selecting patio furniture covers

Before ordering your outdoor table cover, measure the patio furniture. The wrong measurement will lead to undersized or oversized covers that won’t fit or function properly. That’s why, you have so many manufacturers selling covers specifically for some pieces.

  • You can also look for an alternative dimension of your furniture over. It may have adjustable attachments or ties, allowing more flexibility and versatility.

  • Make sure you know the different water resistant and waterproof before buying the cover. Some areas get a lot of rainfall. Rains tend to nurture mildew.

  • Contrary to the popular notion that every lawn furniture cover is waterproof, some are just water-resistant.

  • Make sure your outdoor table cover is breathable. Regardless of you selecting waterproof or water-resistant covers, you need to choose the ones that have vents.

  • Vents enable the air to circulate, enabling the cover to flex and breathe. It helps in the drying of your furniture.

  • If you buy furniture that doesn’t have vents, you need to open it up and clean it on a periodic basis. The aim is to let the moisture inside escape.

  • Tie downs are an important of outdoor furniture covers. It prevents the covers from ballooning.

A summation of sorts

If you want to purchase a cheap and substandard set of plastic lawn furniture, you can simply stack the tables and chairs together. You can just put them in the garage or shed before the winter.

Another option is to purchase costlier and heavier wooden lawn furniture or the premium cast iron garden furniture. It’s not easy to store or move these items, which means you’ll have to leave them out. They will fend for themselves in damp and cold weather.

This is where and how patio or outdoor furniture covers play a crucial role. The cheap ones that you find in local stores might be tempting, but you invest wisely and not out of impulse. When you know that there are different sizes and shapes of outdoor furniture covers, the key is to measure them in accordance with your outdoor space.