Managed security services refer to third-party monitoring and management services that protect any company’s data and hardware from potential cyber-attacks. The services include device and vulnerability management, log management and monitoring, and consultancy services. If you run a business organization, then it is recommended that you hire a reputable SOC security company. These security services are remote and are offered 24/7. A managed security service provider will use advanced tools to:

  • Block spam and viruses
  • Manage firewalls
  • Detect attempts of intrusion
  • Set up and secure a virtual private network
  • Implement system upgrades or changes 

Benefits of Hiring Managed Security Services 

There are various benefits of hiring managed security services. Some of them are: 

Minimize Cost 

Managed security services give you a team of well-experienced security experts that can work for you at a fraction of the cost of building your security team. Getting all the security technologies and solutions for your company can be costlier than hiring the services. It can cost you anywhere between $475,000 and $695,000. Managed security services will do the same job for you at a much lesser cost with fewer hassles. The security team will constantly update itself with the latest IT security developments, saving you the cost of training your people. They will divide the cost of their entire security technology investments across their customer base, making it feasible for you.  

Automatic Detection and Fixing of Risks and Vulnerabilities 

The managed security services will proactively conduct vulnerability scans to protect your organization from threats. They will conduct thorough external and internal scans across IT network assets, web applications, hosts, and databases. These scans will also reduce the resource needs through a structured distributed deployment. The security service will also offer patches, configuration changes, hardening, and policy compliance of IT assets, applications, and devices. They will provide interactive dashboards and reports to ensure these results can be actioned. The security team will:

  • Detect and eliminate vulnerabilities in critical systems
  • Predict potential threats
  • Detect important offensive tactics and methods in critical systems automatically.
  • Respond quickly and effectively
  • Reduce the chances of attacks succeeding 

Monitoring Advanced Threats Closely 

Business organizations constantly face an increasing number of complex cyber threats. These threats include Advanced Persistent Threats, malicious attacks, and advanced malware. Managed security systems will offer sophisticated security technologies and updated threat intelligence to monitor and detect these threats. A company like Nettitude will offer Advanced Threat Protection to let you have an active threat protection program that runs efficiently and accurately. They are a cyber-security organization that will closely monitor various threats, analyze potential threats, and provides quick and efficient solutions. 

Will Enable Scalability 

Services offered by managed security systems can be scaled easily to suit your company’s needs and requirements. For instance, if you need extra capacity temporarily, the security services will scale up for that period. And if you need to scale back at a later time, you will have the ability to do that, which may be difficult with an in-house team.

Will Offer Rapid Incident Response and Event Investigation 

Managed security services can offer unmatched expertise in handling security incidents. Their quick response can prevent a further threat to the organization. Their rapid response services can handle single-system compromises and enterprise-wide monitoring intrusions by advanced groups. The team will accurately assess the problems and recommend specific solutions using digital forensics and experience handling thousands of potential threats. 

Provide Round the Clock Services 

Managed security service providers will ensure that they monitor and assess threats 24/7. They have specific tools to enable them to do so. They may also use artificial intelligence to identify possible threats and take precautions to avoid possible unplanned disruptions. 

Gives Your IT Team More Time to Focus on Operations 

Organizations usually ask their in-house IT teams to monitor cyber threats and risks. This eats up the IT team’s time and leads to mediocre results. As a result, the IT team won’t be able to handle other tasks on hand with efficiency. Hiring managed security services will relieve the IT team and let them focus on other operations-related work. 

 Offers Best-In-Class Intelligence Reports 

Most professional managed security services will use a threat R&D laboratory in various countries to conduct continuous research on different types of advanced threats. They will invest millions of dollars in staying updated with technology and expertise in detecting, analyzing, and resolving potential threats of varying degrees. This will result in world-class service to you and your company.