If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, knowing how to identify a trustworthy real estate consultant in Paddington QLD  is vital. Your agent will guide you through every step of the process, and also answer the myriad of technical, tactical and financial concerns that pop up, so that you don’t waste time searching for answers. An experienced real estate agent like Pen Rose Real Estate should also be able to discern the specifics of the market for housing in your region. Here are a few of the best sources for someone that you can be confident in.

1. Find the agent who has the most listings

A quick, but not necessarily non-sensical method of finding the top property agent is to determine which agents have the highest number of available listings in the area. A long-term relationship with many customers indicates some degree of ambition and hard work. Beware, however.

2. Ask for recommendations from family members and your friends.

Another way to find an agent is via word-of-mouth. Ask your friends, family members and neighbors who they would recommend. If your friends and family have had a relationship with an agent that they liked so much, you’ll likely be a fan too.

3. Ask for a recommendation by your former agent

If you’re moving to a different location You could contact your previous agent to get a recommendation.

4. Contact a relocation expert

A cross-country or state-wide move can be a daunting task, especially when you’re not familiar with any area of real estate professionals within the region.

The best choice would be to contact an agent that specializes in relocation. They work with agents from all over the country . With access to performance and production records. A specialist in relocation can gather data regarding the type of property you’re interested in and then match you up with the best expert in your particular area.

5. Seek out community leaders

This is an alternative to the conventional approach: Be aware of the performance statistics and locate agents who actually invest in the community. Partner with someone who is invested in your community and is able to do more than just sell houses. Someone who has a stake at local elementary schools, establishing businesses, or charity. Someone who’s invested will make more sales than the house they live in. They’ll market your entire community once the potential buyer shows up.

6. Consider what “good” means to you.

Your ideal of a great real estate agent could be different from another’s and it’s crucial to establish your own list of characteristics you’d like when you choose a person to help you sell or find the perfect home. Do you think “good” means they’re the most trustworthy and have the highest sales volume, or possess the best knowledge? Do you prefer an agent who is proactive or one who is less on providing you with the feeling of being valued? 

Are customer service and satisfaction the top priority? Be aware that you’ll be in contact with your realtor for (potentially) several months while you hunt for a home and submit an offer and complete the closing process. It is ideal to choose an agent with whom you’ve built a relationship.

7. Verify that the license for the agent is current.

Before you make a contract for an agreement with an agent, a second important thing to verify: the license of the agent. To verify whether the license is valid visit the real estate department in your state’s website and search for an agent’s name. It is also possible to determine whether the agent has been subjected to any disciplinary actions.