Developing Google Search Ad Copy

What are Google Search Ads, and how do you use them?

At Prism Digital Content Writing, let’s start with the basics and look at what Google Ads paid search was previously known as AdWords before we get into the nuts and bolts of how to write great Google search ad copy. You will be provided with a list of results on the search engine result page (SERP) when you enter a search query into Google.

The results on this list are frequently a combination of organic and sponsored results. A green box with the term “ad” before the listing will appear in the results that have been paid for. Take a look at our prior on 7 Advanced Ways of Updating Your SEO Content Strategy if you’re wondering why you’d want to pay to appear in SERPs.

So, what’s the best way for me to make my ads work? 

Prism Content Writing Services Company suggests that Ad copy, budget, scheduling, landing page, call to action (CTA), keyword targeting, and keyword matching are all important aspects in Google Ads paid search success. Effective Google search ad wording may make a major difference in whether someone clicks on an ad or not. It’s a sophisticated balance of all these aspects that leads to successful conversion.

Researching keywords 

Keywords, also known as search queries, are the words and phrases that people use to find a service, product, or reply to a question. You must first determine what these terms and phrases are before crafting your Google ad copy. Google’s keyword planner tool can not only tell you how many times a keyword or phrase is searched on a monthly basis, however, it can also filter it down by search location. It will also recommend search queries for you to use.

Another useful tool is Moz’s term explorer, which helps you to find search volumes and related searches (free accounts on Moz are limited to 10 searches per month). Don’t forget about Google’s ‘auto suggest’ feature: simply start typing a search query into your Google search box and take note of the queries that appear.

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You can use your target keywords to set up your ad targeting and Content Writing Services in Dubai can include some in your ad copy once you’ve compiled a list of them.

Consider your search intent. 

What is the purpose of someone’s search? Do they want to gather information in order to make a decision in the future, or do they need to make an instant purchase, or are they searching for a new product supplier?

By understanding the reasons for someone’s search, Content Writing Companies in Dubai can give your ad the voice it needs to appeal to them. 

A variety of ad copies should be tested. 

Make sure each group has at least three different ads as a rule of thumb. This allows you to experiment with different calls to action, headline text, site link, call-out, and call-out extensions, and allows you to match different keywords and search queries to different adverts.

Make sure to fill out all three headline text fields and both description fields even if Google decides not to serve them all. In headline fields, you are allowed 30 characters; in description fields, you are limited to 90 characters, so you’ll have to make them work hard, and cross-analysis tells you which ads work best.

Make the most out of your ad extensions. 

Sitelinks, calls, location, call-outs, and structured snippets are just a few of the extensions available on Google for your ads. Even though there is no assurance that Google will show these every time your ad is displayed, if it does, it will provide additional information, more clickable links, and increase the physical presence of your ad on the SERP.

For a greater CTR, the title case must be made.

The click-through rate (CTR) of ads with title cases increases by 62 percent on average. That’s a significant statistic that’s difficult to overlook! If you feel that sentence case is better for your ad or business, make sure to stick to it throughout the entire ad copy. Of course, you may split test two distinct ads to see which is more effective for you: title or sentence case.

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