5 Best Microsoft Teams Features

Microsoft Teams has helped countless companies to not only improve the ways in which their teams communicate but also enhance the ways in which they collaborate with one another. Over the last few years, the need for a robust and reliable chat and calling system has become bigger than ever – with so many companies making use of remote working setups and teams working from home, knowing how to make use of your tools and applications in the best ways possible is always a bonus.

Before we get into that though, you might be wondering how you as a business can actually make use of Microsoft Teams yourself and the best way to subscribe to a Microsoft product and how to ensure that you are using it in the right way. With so many new advances and the ever changing landscape of technology, it can be hard to know which tools and software you should be paying money for and which are just going to waste both your time and hard earned funds.

Many business owners are unable to keep up with a revolving and ever-changing demands of technology and IT – in these instances, it is best for businesses like this to partner with a professional IT support company in their area who will be able to help provide them with not only reliable support but also guidance in terms of how best to use Microsoft solutions and Microsoft Teams in particular. As an example, there are many providers of IT Support in London who are also certified Microsoft partners – this means that they have all of the latest insider knowledge and information regarding Microsoft tools and products, as well as the ability to pass on discounts certain licences and subscriptions for Microsoft products to you.

These Microsoft partners who also provide their customers with IT Support Services in London will ensure that your network is properly maintained and managed, and also that all of your Microsoft tools and products are updated regularly and that the latest versions are installed I’m working correctly for all of your users. They will also provide your teams with the necessary support and technological help that they might need if they run into any kind of tech or hardware issues. You will get expert help from teams that will help with all of your Office 365 Solutions your business might use.

First favourite feature that Microsoft Teams has to offer is breakout rooms – these allow group discussions to be broken out of a larger teams meeting where another discussion can be had and a decision can be made and then that team can re-join the original team meeting to continue the original discussion. Microsoft Teams is also now fully integrated with LinkedIn, and you are able to message and chat with LinkedIn Connexions via the Microsoft Teams chat platform.

Microsoft Teams whiteboard feature has also been upgraded and improved and now includes tools and features such as images, sketches, diagrams, and reaction icons. Another incredibly useful tool that Microsoft Teams provides is a live transcription and live captions feature which can be turned on or off depending on whether or not you require it. The presenter mode feature in Microsoft Teams has also been improved so that you have much more features to use while you are presenting certain projects or documents to other team members or clients.

The use and functionality that Microsoft Teams enables a company to take advantage of is absolutely amazing. We highly recommend that you reach out to a Microsoft partner in your area and find out exactly how you can start using Microsoft Teams to help improve your business is collaboration and communication as well as help bold a stronger company.