We, humans, are visual creatures. We are attracted to beautiful, aesthetically pleasing things. The same sense works for us when we are choosing hotels to stay in. There are many factors we consider before booking a stay with a hotel. Also, you can prefer wall art on glass that looks very luxurious.

We consider our budget, overall comfort, value for money, amenities, and much more before making our final decision. While these factors are important, the visual aesthetic of the hotel room takes precedence in many cases.

Hotels that offer beautiful rooms with a touch of luxury attract visitors much more than a typical run-of-the-mill hotel room. Don’t we all check out the pictures of the rooms from various angles to see if it suits our taste?

Losing customers due to average-looking hotel rooms is a common problem in the hospitality industry. If you face the same issues, this article might be helpful for you.

Conducting an overall design renovation is not only costly but also time-consuming. Not to mention that you will be out of operation for quite some time. If you are working under a budget, this might not be a good option.

So what do you do to refine the looks of your hotel rooms? Several inexpensive ways of renovating rooms are quite easy to execute. Let us explore a few of those options.

5 Affordable Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Hotel Rooms

Here are five interior design ideas to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your hotel rooms. These will enhance the overall look and feel of the rooms, enticing guests to book their next stay with you.

Replace Patterned Lines:

Do you want to be just a generic chain hotel offering patterned lines and a standard-looking room to your guest? If your answer is no, do away with the linens in your rooms first. 

Linens with patterned lines appear flat and synthetic. It does not represent class and certainly does not show quality. The bed linens are the first things guests see in the room pictures on the websites and hotel profiles. 

Swap the patterned lines with solid-coloured alternatives to give your guests an excellent first impression. You can get high-quality linens in neutral tones or white at economical rates. Using white or neutral coloured linens not only brightens up the room but also helps while cleaning. Moreover, these colours create a visual illusion of making the room look more spacious than it is.

Light it Up:

Lights are an integral element in interior design as they can make or break the overall look and feel of the room. The intensity and type of lights used in the hotel room must be considered as they can lead to lighting fatigue, irritation, and tired eyes.

Great light gives height and depth to a space, highlights the room’s best areas, and creates cosy spots to relax. So, first and foremost, get rid of all the dangling lights in the room. They not only look cheap but are pretty ineffective in creating mood lighting.

In place of that, introduce sustainable designer table lamps and lampshades to create an ambience for your guests. These designer lampshades are practical, functional, and exquisitely beautiful and contribute significantly to the room’s overall look.

Portable battery operated lamps add glamour and a touch of luxury you cannot achieve with hanging light fixtures. The perfect combination of designer table lamps and overhead lighting can help transform the look of your hotel rooms. 

Neutral Tones for Walls:

Gone are the days of patterned wallpapers and muted yellow tones on hotel room walls. Give your hotel a new look by painting the room walls with natural colour tones or pale pastels.

A neutral colour tone on the walls gives the room a contemporary and chic look. It also makes the room look warm and inviting, making the guests feel comfortable as soon as they enter. Neutral and pastel paints are not very expensive and can be sourced from local hardware stores easily.

Modern and Comfortable Chairs:

The comfort of guests must always be the priority of any hotel. The look of your hotel rooms contributes significantly to making a guest feel welcome and comfortable. Imagine if you saw a stained bedsheet and old fading wallpaper in your hotel room? Would you feel comfortable spending the night there?

Another crucial aspect of changing a room’s look is introducing new furniture. Swap the existing chairs with something more modern, comfortable, and chic. If that is more expensive, you can change the covers and give the chairs a new look. If you want new chairs, choose colours that match the room’s carpets apart from the overall comfort.

Change the Room Layout:

Has your hotel room layout been the same since you started operations? Gone are days when room concept and design were not given much thought. 

It is now time to dare to be different to catch the visitor’s attention. Changing the room layout is the easiest and most economical way to stand out. Try out some new concepts and rearrange the furniture to offer something unique to the modern traveller.

In Conclusion:

Whether you need to incorporate all five ways or just a couple, one thing is guaranteed – your hotel rooms will look refreshed and renovated. So, get started to wow your guests with these affordable changes.