A smile has a major impact on a person’s personality. We all love showing off our smiles in front of people and the camera. However, orthodontic issues such as overbite teeth have become common amongst people in today’s time. There are various causes of overbite teeth, such as nail-biting, genetic reasons, prolonged thumb-sucking, etc. They often make us socially anxious. Apart from making us conscious, overbite teeth may increase the risk of various other problems, such as wear and teeth, problems while speaking, cavities, gum problems, etc., in the long run. This is why it is imperative to go for an overbite correction ASAP.

Talking about overbite correction, we often get scared of the thought of traditional metal braces as they are quite uncomfortable and painful! What if we tell you that you can transform your smile without having to go through the sheer discomfort of those metal wires and brackets? No, we’re not kidding! It’s clear aligners. You wanna know more? 

How do transparent aligners fix your overbite teeth? 

Transparent aligners are a set of custom-made plastic trays and are one of the preferred ways of fixing orthodontic issues. They fix your overbite by applying gentle pressure to move your teeth to the required position. Traditional metal braces have metal wires and brackets fixed to our teeth which often bruise our cheeks and jaw. On the other hand, clear aligners transform your smile without causing you any pain or inconvenience. 

Are you still wondering why go for clear aligners? Let us help you by telling a few benefits of choosing transparent aligners to give you a celeb-like smile. 

4 Reasons to Go for Clear Aligners to Fix Overbite Teeth

  1. Won’t make you anxious

As clear aligners are hardly visible to the naked eye, they won’t make you conscious when you talk to people or smile in front of a camera. They are ideal for all individuals who are looking for a low-key way to fix their overbite teeth. 

    2.They aren’t much of a hassle 

Traditional metal braces are completely stuck to our teeth. As a result, it may increase the chances of food getting stuck in between our teeth, which may lead to yellowing and staining of teeth in the long run. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are completely removable. So, you won’t have to worry about any such inconvenience. 

   3. Who said anything about restricting yourself from your favourite food? 

Traditional metal braces restrict us from eating food items that are hard and chewy as they may harm the metal brackets. On the other hand, clear aligners come with no such restrictions on food items. So, you can now enjoy your favourite food and transform your smile simultaneously. 

 4. Improved oral health

You might face hassle in brushing and flossing with traditional metal braces as they are completely attached to your teeth. They may increase the risk of degraded oral health in the long run. On the other hand, clear aligners from the orthodontist in Bethesda, MD pose no such hassles and improve your oral health as well.

Transparent aligners are an advanced and seamless way to fix your orthodontic issue and get a celeb-like smile. Moreover, now that we have told you why clear aligners are preferred over traditional metal braces let us tell you that when you plan to go for overbite correction, you should choose a trusted and leading healthcare brand, like toothsi. What’s more? They provide one of the best smile makeover treatments at the comfort of your home, as their orthodontists are just a video call away! So, what are you waiting for? Visit their official website, book an online video consultation and get started with your smile makeover today!