Although entrepreneurship is a career path that doesn’t necessarily require a college degree, completing your education will give you a leg up in many areas. Here are three disciplines you should consider studying to learn more and boost your chances of succeeding.


Regardless of what field your entrepreneurial enterprise covers, at the end of the day you’re still running a business. Instead of learning the ins and outs of operating a company by trial and error, why not give yourself a solid background by earning a business degree?

By pursuing a degree in this area, you’ll learn how to create business plans and secure funding for launching your endeavor. You’ll gain an understanding of leadership, management, and business psychology, as well as how to harness technology to benefit your enterprise. You’ll get an overview of accounting and hiring practices, so you’re prepared to wear any of the hats new entrepreneurs typically need to don when launching an enterprise. Best of all, you won’t have to wait to start your business while earning your degree, as online universities provide the flexibility you need to achieve both your entrepreneurial and your educational goals.


Regardless of whether you purvey products or provide a service, as an entrepreneur you make money by getting individuals and other companies to do business with you. Marketing practices and tools are essential for attracting clients and maintaining customer loyalty, so majoring in this discipline will give you a distinct advantage when it comes to boosting your business.

In a marketing degree program, you’ll gain an understanding of how to identify your target clientele as well as the best ways to reach them, whether it be through traditional advertising platforms or social media. You’ll have the know-how to create a strong brand image and build awareness, so you become a leader in whatever it is you provide. You’ll also learn about consumer behavior so you can offer the most in-demand products and services, as well as how to conduct research and secure feedback to make improvements that keep you on top.


Entrepreneurial success is built on a foundation of effective connections and relationships. You’ll strengthen every aspect of your business by communicating successfully with employees, vendors, and customers. A degree in communications will help you gain a better understanding of how the world operates by learning how people from all backgrounds relate to each other.

A degree in this discipline will prepare you to communicate purposefully and persuasively with others. Whether you need to create compelling presentation pitches, negotiate deals and contracts, or motivate a sales team, you’ll develop the skillset you need to effectively engage with others to achieve your goals. You’ll be educated in written, verbal, and visual communication techniques that benefit you not just in your work but in your personal interactions, as well.

One thing that sets winning entrepreneurs apart from their less successful counterparts is holding an edge over the competition. Earning a degree in disciplines such as business, marketing, or communications can give you the advantage that helps you triumph over others in your field.