10 tips on how you can choose the right university for your child

Choosing the right university for your child so that they can accomplish the best education within your budget is a very tedious job. Parents really need to have a good amount of knowledge and guidance to decide what can be best for their child as these professional courses in government and private college open the way for their income through placements. In order to achieve this goal, parents swipe from one website to another to know about the best colleges. Lingayas Vidhyapeeth, an institute deemed to be a University soon, mentions here 10 tips for parents to decide best engineering college for their children and pave their way for a bright future. 

Decision of Stream:

 One of the very first steps to deciding on a college/university for your child is to first decide on the professional course your child is interested in. Talk to your child about the area of interest he/she is having and then search down colleges in that field.

Entrance Examination:

 The second step is to make your child sit for competitive exams related to the field of interest. If your child clears the exam then he/she can enroll in the best colleges across the country as the exam set standards through which students get selected in a few selected best colleges in the Faridabad. Through this step, they can opt for both government as well as private colleges. 

Surfing the Web:

There are limited numbers of seats in the best colleges enlisted under competitive examinations but the student number is very big. Many students are unable to clear the examination and if your child is one of them then you need not panic because you can still opt for good universities and colleges by searching the web. The internet has details of each and every college existing in the world with full details so that one can choose the college of their choice. 

Assessment of the priorities:

 Every college has different facilities and based upon that they have many different pros and cons. As a parent, it is your duty to see all the facilities like teaching quality, medical facility, food quality, hostel services, etc., and then rate the colleges/ universities on a scale of 1 to 5 or 10 and see which college/ universities are best for your child. 

Keep an eye over your budget:

 The fees of the private colleges/ universities are quite high and vary very heavily. Some good colleges/ universities have total fees of nearly 4 lakh but some have fees of nearly 25 lakh. Thus, it becomes very important to narrow down your college search by checking the fee structure of colleges. 

Narrow the search:

It is always advisable that as a parent you consider all sorts of factors that should be checked while finding the college. Factors that can narrow down your search are the geographical distance from your residence to your child’s college, accreditation, location of the college, engineering branches, placements, etc. 

Check for financial aid and scholarship:

 It is not necessary that everyone has to pay the full fee as prescribed by the college because many, in fact, every college provide scholarship to students for their achievements and also financial aid in case of bright student but poor. So, in case your child can meet any such fee waivers and go for it. 

Campus tour:

 If you have finalized college for your child then you must at least once visit the campus so that you get familiar with the environment there and analyze the best for your child. This becomes even more necessary when your child gets easily distracted. 

The counseling rounds:

 Even if your child has not cleared the exam but has scored marks near to the cut-off then you can check out in different colleges that if their seats are vacant then they still can get in there. 

Finalize the college:

 After selecting the college for your child, ask others about the college and get their reviews and feedback so that you can get in-human views about the college and then finalize it.